Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Errybody loves Gravy! Its a food letter from the Southern Foodways Alliance. You may have seen them on Bizarre Foods, they also host the Big Apple BBQ event I believe. I'm going down to Mississippi in October to do a Catfish fry for them! If time permits, I'm also going to do gator tail. Should be crunk.

We got a nice spread in the magazine! You can download the pdf here! Interview was about how I've been influenced by Southern Foodways.

Pavel hooked up our press window. No more trying to tape laminated photos to the wall anymore. 

Cat wanted a photo-op by it before she moves on to xiao ye....

Kate wanted to hide haha


  1. Dude, gator tail is good, but you want to get into it for real then get into some gator ribs. They're small like on a lamb and pretty good.

  2. yea dude, i love gator ribs. used to bbq em