Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A yelp review I actually like.....

 Cecille C. from Yelp! thanks! reviews like this make it worth it:

This is a place I will try to avoid because eating while terribly missing beloved ones is not healthy for digestion.

Probably because of the neat warm family photos hung on the wall, and the bottles of Maotai on the table as decorations, I have already missed my home when sitting in this place waiting for my food. When the pork belly bao came, I thought it was a little fatty. But the first bite made me totally sentimental. I once thought this kind of flavor of the pork I could only find at my grandparents' place. When I was little and visited my grandparents on weekends, my grandpa would always cook dishes like this for me and he himself would always be chop-sticking too many pieces to my bowl. I couldn't imagine I'd reconnect to this kind of flavor again after so many years and 10 thousands miles away from home.

Even though the baos at this place are food from Taiwan and we never eat this combination of the wraps, pickled vege and peanut in north China, the flavors of the meat conquered me. Both the beef and pork are good. My friend liked the beef better but the pork is my favorite. I feel like with the help of a slow cooker and some condiments from Chinatown, the beef is not impossible to make at home, or at least you can buy the same from some places in Flushing. But the pork is not duplicable. The home-made flavor is just too penetrating.

This is a place you will get ripped off but can hardly complain. They are not expensive for nothing. One flavor is enough.

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