Sunday, July 25, 2010


Party, party, party, lets all get wasted .... and eat Taiwanese food. THIS Sunday, i.e. later today. Starting at 6pm we will be open to the public. No reservations, first come first served. 6 Course Tasting Menu, $45/person.

1) Concubine Cucumbers - haus pickled cucumbers
2) Poontang Potstickers or Tofu Bricks
3) Choice of Lotus Leaf Fried Rice (vegetarian) or Taiwan Most Famous Pork on Rice
4) Steamed Cabbage with haus lardo and scallions (veggie option available w/o lardo)
5) Homemade Taiwanese Bacon or Hainan Chicken and Rice or Tarofongo (veggie option)
6) Fried Sweet Potato Balls

1 comment:

  1. i came down for dinner. food was good. one thing: all the rice was underdone. otherwise, things were good.