Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holando Here We Come...

Ho-lando it's comin, i know you thirstay. pause.

This is where it all began. I started as a busboy, pops tried to instill a good work ethic by making me clean toilets, but I just paid the dishwasher to do it and took home the difference cause papa didn't raise no fool. These hands is made for counting money dad, not toilet bowls, act like you know.

I'm comin home December 26th from 6pm to 11pm serving the haus bao and bao fries. COME GET SOME. 8801 International Drive right next to Howl at the Moon. Yes, its in a mini-mall. Not G-shit.

Peep the video to watch evan smile like a pitchman and say pause worthy things like: "All swallowed and consumed in 60 minutes." HAHA. Now yall know why Prince Inappropriate was kicked out of the Huang Family Biz. They built the wall to keep me out, I swear.

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