Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thanks For Coming!

Baohaus 1 year anniversary got pretty crazy. Let's do it again next year yall...

The haus was dumb crowded and we sold out at 8pm just like the old days. I remember when we first opened, our first $600 day, me/steve/evan/and simon thought it was the coolest thing ever and we sold out at 9pm. Then we kept selling out for 2 weeks and realized we should probably get a bigger pot. It took about 14 days for us to reach this conclusion. I can't believe baohaus made it a year considering how fucking retarded we were from jump. Honestly, people, we opened this joint with pots from Ikea. Stools from Ikea. Diarrhea we got at Ikea from swedish meatballs. I might have even stole a tray of Ikea cinnamon buns because it was too easy to not do. Thanks for being a bunch of marks, Ikea.

Speaking of stools, this man, the Mayor, Stephane Adam built most of the stools at baohaus. This is what  out of work attorneys do these days. They make stools at baohaus and pound the Champagne of Beers.

Why did I just drop a serani video? I dunno but it probably has something to do with that shitty Jennifer Convertibles couch he has in the video. From now on, I will blog exclusively from my Jennifer Convertibles pull-out sofa.


  1. I remember baohaus's first days with all that ikea crap half built lying around

  2. "It took about 14 days for us to reach this conclusion."