Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Village Voice Web Awards

So... I talked to the homie Khuong @bullfrogandbaum (that's my DUDE! pause) and he convinced me not to go around chugging four loko and I agreed... It's not a good look since I'm all Mr. Town and Country now. LOL. Rich people are watching so we need to switch gears and be on that model minority tip above grand st. you feel me?

"Oh, let me help you with your taxes and comforters! Here's your receipt, come back Wednesday for pick up!" - Mr. Eddie Huang, Esq., CPA, M.D., D.D.S.

But... the problem is that Santos Party House is right off-canal... This my stompin' grounds! I can't be seen walkin around with four loko all unopened and shit! The delivery boys gonna think I went soft! It's like T.I. v. TIP; Avon v. Stringer; Trading Places... what's a brother to do? Eddie Yellow aka Canal St. King, ack like you know! Todd Barry, this Loko's for you.

Thanks to the Village Voice for the Foam Finger and Best Local Internet Character Award... Character not caricature! No Mickey Rooney on this side! This be for all the Asians reppin' hard on the interwebs: Francis Lam, My Moms,, Awesome Slut, and that mother fucker Slim Chin. Jeremy Lin, I'd say you too for that youtube video where you murk John Wall, but you a Jesus Freak and my Lucky Cat says "Me no rike."

I just want to say... I know the four loko shit was crazy and there were serious repercussions. I'm definitely not that dude all the time. I think the summer/fall I was a little off the deep end. Shit was difficult. But, for real, your boy is ok and I take this food shit seriously... It's not a game, but it doesn't need to be boring like tax season either.

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