Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taiwanese Tebow

Yo, before all yall got on the bandwagon I BEEN following Lin since Harvard, since he boogied on John Wall, and every time he was a free agent I prayed to all my village ancestors that the Taiwanese Tebow would come to NY. I seen it like a zenith. RESPECT MY MIND. I'm talkin to you @howardbeckNYT NYT Article

Les Carpenter - Yahoo Article



  1. Please stop calling him Taiwanese Tebow. Nothing about Lin is as obnoxious and overbearing as Tebow. Plus Tebow was always supposed to succeed at his sport (playing at Florida, 1st round pick, etc.) vs. Lin who obviously was not.

  2. Tebow is not obnoxious or overbearing. And both Lin & Tebow SHOULD be respected for not checking their beliefs to make other people feel comfortable, people who have no qualms about expressing everything they think, feel, & believe. If you have a problem with Tebow or Lin, don't watch/listen/or talk to them. It really is that simple.

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