Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nike NFL Shizz

Nike invited a bunch of us out to Steiner Studios in BK today to peep the new NFL jerseys. It was dope until they brought out Roger Goodell's bitch ass. STOP FUCKIN WITH THE REDSKINS CAP SPACE B! You on some David Stern shit ROGER. Then Brian Orakpo came out and all was well. SKINS!!!

But back to the jerseys. Lots of famous Nike people like Mark Parker spoke about how the technology in the jerseys was gonna change the game. I kinda played around on my iphone cause all I want to know is whether jerseys are officially back and I can wear one backwards to Greenhouse this weekend like Nelly just dropped Country Grammar. #SHIMMYSHIMMYCOCOAPUFF

I saw ur boy Ray Rice in the cut like he was about to serve someone. "Whatchu need? Red tops, blue tops, purple tops, #27 got it." If they bring The Wire to Broadway, Ray Rice is ready.

So we had DC, Maryland, all we needed was VA in the house...

AW SHIT, MY BOY MIKE WAS IN THERE ... don't even start with me yall. Son did his time. We out. DMV all day.