Tuesday, August 28, 2012


There's no easy way to say this. HOW THE FUCK IS THIS HAPPENING IN AMERICA? This doesn't require a long post. It's very simple: this is entirely unacceptable. Take any other racial group in America... Would we tolerate someone going on TV yelling racial epithets about any other group? What REALLY scares the shit out of me isn't that Megan Lochte calls us "chinks", "ninjas", or thinks "they're whatever we want; they're Asian". I've heard people tell jokes like this to my face all my life which is why I went to 5 schools in 7 years and have a history of assaults on amateur comedians, but how was this show allowed to continue? Who are the assholes in the crowd that laughed? As Americans, we should be ASHAMED if we don't hold every one associated with this accountable. 

Rosie O'Donnell, Megan Lochte, Tsunami Song, why is this shit allowed to happen in America? I CHOOSE to live here because I like it. If I thought it was better somewhere else, I'd go. My choice to live here tells you enough about how I feel about America. But, if you are an American, you should not let this stand because it does not represent you. It cannot, should not, and if you say something WILL NOT represent America. But, the next time you wonder why the rest of the world hates America at times, just watch this video


  1. I don't watch shows like that, I won't hang out with people who talk like that, I speak out when people say things like that, I don't vote for people like that and work to get people elected who don't think like that...please tell me what else I can do.

  2. Thanks Pat, that's a start. To be honest, I don't even know what to do which is the most frustrating part. We have no voice...

    1. But you do have a voice. I'm going to bet there are lots of people who think you are cool and hip yet they still tune it and laugh at Josh 2.0 to name one program I know because it comes on right before the John Stewart Show. Even on this show, you can see the host was embarrassed but didn't have the balls to call her out...maybe someone needs to get in touch with that guy. I certainly feel for you, think of all the jokes against women (I am a woman) I've had to put up with over the years just to keep my job.

  3. You don't see people getting away with this shit because if, for an example a "celebrity" made a racist comment, you would get someone like Quanell X holding a press conference the next day to publicly denounce them.

    There needs to be a public Asian figure to call out such ignorant people. That's where you step in...

  4. For some reason since over the last few years people seem to think it's cool to be blatantly racist. It's like since we finally have a minority president it's acceptable to say all the ish people been too embarrassed to say. I also love being an American. But as a Black/Pacific Islander woman, I'm getting real tired of all the sideways jokes and niggafication of us "others" and lack of "us" standing up for ourselves. I feel a whole new Jim Crow era coming on and honestly it scares me. I hope all the people who died and were beaten for equality and acceptance did not do so in vain. Dude, for real though, 50 years is such a short time. I hope we do not go backwards. One lady even asked me the other day how I got my job. I'm so naive I was like, umm 6 years of college and heavy networking (?). But she meant, which she completely explained in detail, "how did you, as a Black chic, get a job like this?" Woozers

  5. this idiot isn't even enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame because that would entail she is did something worth nothing. instead, she enjoying her fifteen seconds of relevancy, a relevancy that's solely because of her brother's achievements.

  6. Do you think it was a "skit"? http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/megan-lochte-apologizes-for-controversial-post-beijing-interview-201229

    1. I just don't believe that it was and now I think she is hiding behind it.

  7. Beau Sia open (vid) letter to all Rosie O'donnels


  8. It's sad.
    This whole internet troll generation thinks it's cool to make fun of other races and cultures now, it's crazy.

    I'm afraid of where technology will go next.

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