Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Black Olive: Duckhorn Dinner

My family owns The Black Olive in Orlando. Definitely not whoremet enough for Magic Dong Huang, but everyone loves it out in Orlando and they're doin their thing. Get that money pops! This was a dinner they did for Duckhorn. Looked dope.

Duckhorn had some cool branding with this stopper

Fancy Drank

Looks like scallops... as Bun-B said, "I eat so much scrimp I get eye-o-dine poisonin'" Yessa, yessa, i believe scallops got iodine too.

Duck with some shrubbery. Jamie Fox Huang says, "Yo Pops, stop tryin to fool a ninja wit shrubbery!" But naw, the duck looks bangin.

In case anyone questions whether this was the jumpoff, I direct you to exhibit A above, White People were in da house! It was official. This wasn't no lunar new year dinner with Pearl River Plum Wine!!!! Although, Magic Dong Huang probably would have served something from Bedstuy Vineyards, this event gets 4 out of a possible 5 MSG Packets. Nice work pops.

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