Sunday, November 1, 2009

Taiwanese Fried Chicken!!!!

Taiwanese fried chicken in the house!!!!!!!! Put it on some Red Sausage Fried White Rice for the little menu tasting we did yesterday with Giovanna. She made an awesome chicken and cabbage stir fry on brown rice. I think I might have lost weight yesterday for the first time since the 90s. Pretty dope.

So, you want the recipe???? Hmmm..... I thought a long time about this. My fried chicken recipe is off the hook. So I'll compromise. I won't give you the brine, but I'll give you the rub haha.

Brine the chicken. Then rub it with this:

White Pepper
Chinese Five Spice Powder
Little bit of sugar (that's the trick)
Cornstarch (NO FLOUR!!!)

Always remember, when cooking, even savory or sweet foods. Its not all salt or all sugar. Balance the flavors!!! Cooking is a two way street. You need carriers for the different flavors. And, don't "overcook" your recipes. This has nothing to do with the actual cooking, but the concepts. There's no need to have 20 herbs and spices or a brine, a rub, and a sauce and a colonel. Keep it simple. Its all in the execution and how the flavors combine, not how many you can throw in.


  1. also, bonus, i did the taiwanese fried chicken with breast meat which most people don't do. i still like the leg/thigh better. breast meat doesn't pick up the flavors enough....

  2. that looks the bomb man. yo yo yo man...lemme get one of them chicken wings fried hard as s*** - but no retarded neck!

  3. yo for the hardcore chicken fans out there, throw in some fried gizzard and other tasty organs. put some waangs on ya.