Wednesday, January 20, 2010


You can thank Sarah Digregorio! We fucked up her Uncle Jesse by under frying so tomorrow, if you order any bao (haus, chair, uncle jesse, or the frushes), you get a free tofu bun on us! Give Uncle Jesse another shot. And, for the record. YES, I loved Full House, but the Uncle Jesse is named after the big homie Jesse. While opening the restaurant, I kicked it with Uncle Jesse 24/7 and he's a vegetarian so the uncle jesse is dedicated to him. Look for his music soon, he's putting out some projects and we will be posting!

Click HERE for the Village Voice review..


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  2. Hip Hop is suppose to play on the iPod. Duh!

    Great review though, I'm so proud of you guys. And your lieutenant Ning.

  3. My friend told me about your gua bao restaurant. We will be visiting NYC from Los Angeles in Feb and we will go support a fellow Taiwanese! Gua Bao is da bomb!!


  4. Hey guys! I loved your baos--sorry the Uncle Jesse wasn't to my taste that day. I'll have to come by and try it again.