Monday, January 18, 2010

Kuma Inn

Uriel, GM of Kuma Inn came in last week to try our haus bao, chairman bao and bao fries. Hung out for a while and invited us over to Kuma Inn. I'd been trying to go for a while but just never made it for various reasons. Its BYOB which is dope so I swung by September Wines which is a good spot if you're in the LES. They were actually our first delivery customers ever so we try to support!

The food at Kuma was full of 3rd world flavor. I loved it. Anyone who knows me knows, this is the highest compliment I'll pay a restaurant. They really pull it off. Clean, fun, smartly laid out restaurant that feeds 100 people a night using a 20 sq ft kitchen. I love that there are people like Kuma Inn offering an atmosphere that's fun to hang out at while not serving compromise asian fusion crap. The items not to miss are the Lechon Kawalli (fried pork belly), steamed and fried rice crepes with kumabolognese (reminded me of the taiwanese dish ants on a tree), Adobong Pal Chicken wings. Tell Uriel we sent you! And big up to another restaurant giving young people a cool place to see Asian food evolve while paying respecting traditional palettes.

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