Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This crazy bitch lives in the building next to us

This crazy bitch lives in the building next to us. She throws plates at our window a la don't tell mom the babysitter is dead ("dishes are done"), wears gardening crocs at night and smells like the devil's butthole stuffed with rotten cabbage. Apparently (neighbors told us) she's also one of the owners of Alias. I love the staff at Alias and the food is good, but this bitch has gots to go. This is a photo of her taking a photo of steve taking a photo of baohaus. She got pissed Steve was taking photos of baohaus because apparently the flash is just too much for her old ass to handle at 9pm on a Sunday. We really hope she is not an owner at alias so we can go back there to eat without supporting the United Plate Throwing Wenches of Rivington.


  1. Tell her she belongs in the kitchen

  2. Um...who is that person in the first photo with his mouth open? It looks like Freddy Krueger...creepy!