Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chillin out.....

Afghan goo-goo just aint gettin it done these days. I need to chill but the heat got me buggin... Some people go to Church, but I go to Shopsin's... Recently, I've just had a lot of difficulty not responding to people who leave anonymous comments whether its on my blog, on yelp, etc. I don't get it. If you're going to say something, put your name on it. I do!

Kenny gave me some good advice that went something like this: "Go for the pussy, stop messin with the tits." LOL. He's been around a lot longer than me and he always has good advice. I do feel like I got drawn into a lot of sideshow shit like being blocked by an choi, haters on yelp, chairman bao, etc. And, at least for the short term, I'm going to do my best to ignore this shit and focus on my food. For anyone else looking to open a restaurant, I would say just be ready for negative things that you yourself didn't even seek out. The shit just finds you, but its cool. I aint mad. I'm gonna chill out and just have fun cooking. The recipes for xiao ye are all done, gonna cook for my homies before game 1 of the finals tomorrow so I'll have some photos of that.

I think a lot of people have the wrong perception about us. We're all just kids and a lot of the times, we are immature. I wake up, play ball, eat and then head in to check the restaurant. After that, who knows what happens. We don't know how to handle everything that's been going on so we just say what we think and it hasn't always been good for us. I'm 28, Emery's 25, Evan's 22, there isn't a class or book or person who can tell you how to do this nor would we want that. We like to figure this out ourselves, but I think we forget that everything on the internet is there for people to see. We're really just being ourselves writing funny menus, doing goofy promotions, but people see it as some premeditated ploy. I wish people would get to know us and see that we're really just a random family. I mean, I'm an accident baby. The Huangs don't really plan shit. So... for the time being, i'm going to chill and if yall want to help, just remind me of this post haha.

That said... we're goin back to cali

Props to Raf aka The Prince of BK for planning this trip to Cali..... For the record, its not a throwdown. I'm just gonna cook. If you like pork, come see me.


  1. hm, when you say "hate" does it include constructive criticism? do you take those into consideration if you even get them?

    i think concepts are great but they always flirt dangerously with being a touch too contrived and gimmicky and that takes away from the product, but the people who can't appreciate it just lack a sense of humor.

    ANYWAY, can i come to the soft opening for xiao ye? lol thanksss, nice meeting you chubby chef!

  2. naw man, i love constructive criticism. i always listen too. for instance, we're gonna have a 3 bun special for lunch cause people requested that.

    i know what you're saying about concepts. i have concepts, but a lot of the times, we stray from it just to do something funny. but yea, its weird when people really pick it apart or always question if its "real". i like that lcd sound system song makin fun of that notion.

    hells yea you comin to soft opening. email she'll get you on the rsvp list and we'll get you a res.

    husky chef!!! how many times i gotta tell you! haha

  3. When your out there doing your own thing there will always be supporters, criticizers, and biters. As long as you stay true to your own philosophy on doing things and you constantly master mind new dishes you'll have a big following myself included.

    BTW would you consider putting Taiwan beer on the menu, it's so hard to find out here!

    Also can I bug you for a invite to the soft opening as well? If not it's all good am quite sure many are asking, but if you could that's a good look!

  4. yup! email ning!

    and YES WE ARE GETTING TAIWAN BEER!!!!!! we already spoke to them and are working out logistics. We may not have it for opening, but it will definitely be in the house by end of summer!

  5. O noes! Regular TW beer is "insufferable" piss. Will there be Michelob Amberbock (fake 金牌黑麥?) on the menu? That's what all the local TeeDub beer houses are subbing.

    Btw, are y'all hitting LA for the Cali trip? Or.. only to SFO for the smackdown?

    (can't ask for Xiao Ye soft opening invite cuz it's 2800 mi away :sadface:)

  6. whattttt dude, CONTEXT... as a house beer, you can't beat TW beer unless you're going to use like brooklyn pennant ale (which we'll have too). we're not telling people TW beer is some ill shit, its cheap and easy to throw back. and we support taiwanese culture by carrying it instead of say budweiser which tastes like shit as well. if you're going to drink piss for cheap, you might as well drink taiwanese piss that's cheap and nostalgic......

    if the lakers lose, i'll come to LA, otherwise, i cant stand watching yall with ur kobe jerseys on haha

  7. Yessir....Good call on the Taiwan beer!! It ain't high class but it's smooth enough to rep that's for sure. Funny thing is my friends and I took it back a few weeks ago and was drinking 40oz malt liquor to reminisce our younger days. All I gotta say Ol'E, Colt45, and St Ides in a glass ain't bad when your having it at a BYOB sushi spot! You'll just pay for it the next day with a banging headache though hahaha!

    Good looks on the emailing tip by the way...