Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Playlist at Baohaus

We are going to have bi-monthly playlists at Baohaus and Xiao Ye. I made this first one and it's on at baohaus this week. If you wanna get down, hit us with your playlist and we'll check it out! Its gonna be a hot mother fuckin summer. I'm glad that people dropped heat rocks the last week cause I've been upset hearin' that its the summer of Drake. BUT, lookin at his singles and what every one else came with, I think that kid is gonna disappoint. As funny as it is to say, I think Banks set it off a couple months ago with Bimmer, Benz, Bentley, then Joell had Nissan, Honda, Chevy... Fat Joe had HAHA, then Young Jeezy really laid it down with Lose My Mind. I'm at bonchon friday night and boom, T.I. drops a mixtape. COOKIES! But before I even finish listenin to that KAN-mofuckin-YEEZY comes with Power and shut it down. Throw in MIA's lil diss track and I'm ready to hotbox baohaus with Asa this weekend haha.

With the list its a lil old, a lil new, and somethin for kids haha. We're not really tryin to break records and shit so its not meant to have all the new shit... More like playlists for a house party. As you'll see, i like to hear songs back to back from same artist..

Baohaus June - Eddie's List

1) Black Keys - Strange Times
2) Black Moon - I Got Cha Opin
3) Black moon - Shit Iz Real
4) Consequence - The GOod, The Bad, The Ugly
5) Cool Kids - Gold and a Pager
6) Cool Kids - 88
7) Danger Doom - Sofa King
8) Danger Doom - Space Ho's
9) Danger Mouse ft. Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life
10) Gwen Stefani - Luxurious
11) Gucci Mane - Lemonade
12) Kanye - Power
13) Big Boi - Shutterbug
14) Chromeo - Destination Overdrive
15) Chromeo - You're So Gangsta
16) Diplo - Put That Pussy On Me
17) Birdman - Stuntin Like My Daddy
18) Diplomats - Dipset Anthem
19) Diplomats - This is What I Do
20) Gucci Mane ft. Cam'ron - Stupid Wild
21) Banks, Juelz, FABO - Bimmer, Benz or Bentley
22) Fabolous - Brooklyn
23) Fat Joe - Ha Ha
24) Fat Joe - Lean Back 
25) Ghostface - The Champ
26) Ghostface - Tony Sigel
27) Jay-Z - Hello Brooklyn
28) Jay-Z - Success
29) Black Keys - I Got Mine
30) MF Doom - Rhymes Like Dimes
31) Mobb Deep - Drink Away the Pain
32) Nas - Affirmative Action
33) Nas - Street Dreams
34) Joell Ortiz - Brooklyn Ghetto Child
35) Kanye - Diamonds 
26) Lupe - Hip Hop Saved My Life
27) Lupe - Paris, Tokyo
28) MIA ft. Wale - Boyz
29) Dipset - Get Em Girls
30) TI - Big Shit Poppin
31) TI - You Know What it is
32) Jeezy - Crazy World
33) Jeezy - Vacation
34) Jeezy - Lose My Mind
35) R. Kelly - Ignition (for the kids)


  1. The ENTIRE PacDiv Don't Mention It "mixtape". That summertime all-u-need ish.

  2. no doubt! puttin that pac div tape on the ipod asap

  3. Shout out for adding Drink Away The Pain...Good one

  4. Need some Gang Starr for the summertime! RIP GURU.

    Love the Nas, Black Moon and Danger Doom selections