Sunday, June 6, 2010

Robster Craws and mo!

Been a minute since we put up new food photos. Recently, I've focused less on new dishes and more on just writing out the recipes for everything at Xiao Ye. BUT, after making hainan chicken one night, I used the stock, put some lobsters in it and made this: ROBSTER CRAWS haha.

I boil lobster in chicken stock with some seasoning/herbs and then serve like Hainan Chicken. If you like New England Lobster Bakes, you'll like this a lot. Very fresh taste with the ginger and scallion. We also dredge the lobster through a special seasoning oil I make instead of butter before serving. The natural flavor of the lobster is intact.

I also use the entire lobster by taking the guts, the juices, and making Robster Rice. I have never had anything like it. Not anything like risotto, but perhaps a little like making pasta with uni. The lobster guts have a similar consistency and essence that I really like.

I been gettin silly crunk developing the drink list for Xiao Ye. Our list revolves around our infused liquor recipes. We'll be infusing moutai, shochu, glutinous rice wines, etc. It's been a dope summer so far for new bars so we're gonna keep it goin. I live on Orchard/Canal so just in my area, we've gotten Mezcal and Painkiller recently. Painkiller is the shit. Tiki drinks have always been my favorite and I used to go out to Zombie Hut in BK. There's also that place in Willy-B with sand everywhere and seafood that has tiki drinks. Dope place, I just don't do williamsburgh.

BUT, with painkiller open, I've been going like once a week. I love it. They use fresh fruit and you can really taste the difference. And the playlists there are almost as good as Baohaus haha. For real, they had a southern crunk playlist last weekend bumpin UGK, youngbleed, TI, goodie mobb, etc. Much respect.

I will put the whole drink list on the blog later, but here's some stuff we've done so far

Johnnie Walker Bubble Tea - Johnnie, milk tea, boba

Chinee Shop - jamaican ginger beer, jasmine tea, dark rum, light rum

Moutai infused with Pineapple


  1. That Munny is pretty badass!

  2. asians love the johnnie and tea combo. smh

    my mom makes a really delish lobster sticky rice. steamed with the brains. i love the green goo

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