Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantasy Squad: Cytherea's Ark

Drafted my first fantasy squad of the year yesterday.... Cytherea's Ark

QB: Donovan McNabb
WR: Greg Jennings
WR: Santana Moss
RB: Rashard Mendenhall
RB: Steven Jackson
TE: Zach Miller
WR/RB: Beanie Wells
BN: C.J. Spiller
BN: Braylon Edwards
BN: Clinton Portis
BN: Steve Breaston
BN: Chad Henne
BN: Jason Campbell

K: David Akers
DEF: Washington

Yes, the kid is a Skins/Wolverines fan so I had to get all my homies. But I took em at the right spots. I think Beanie Wells as UTIL is a big get. Jennings is value, TDs are flukey for receivers so to get him with the last pick of the 3rd round was dope. I had 12th pick. Zach Miller, he's going to be a top 5 tight end now that someone can actually get him the ball. Campbell is no miracle worker, but he found Cooley for years. I have the best 1-2 punch at RB in our league so as long as one of my bench WRs comes through, I got this sewed up..... I think between the 3 QBs I got, one is gonna put up numbers. Henne is gonna get a big bump with Marshall and Campbell is gonna get to throw a lot downfield with a line that can finally protect him.


  1. Jennings is the truth, same with Zach Miller. It's a decent team, but would have been a killer squad in 2007 :)

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