Friday, August 27, 2010

Foodie Backpack Rappers

Bourdain dropped a heat rock this morning. I loved this quote: 

"The biggest problem I have with this "foodie"-ism is the lack of a sense of humor. You know? Those foodies who don't have a sense of humor and who are angry or proprietary about their choices. That's less fun. People who collect dining experiences like butterfly collectors rather than enthusiasts. But I think anyone who's genuinely taking pleasure in food -- and not just food in a vacuum -- is something that a lot of foodies miss. If you're using food to fill up an empty spot in your soul or your social life [laughs] and you're collecting these experiences so you can bludgeon people with them online, then clearly there's something distorted there."

If I go out, I'm just tryin to wild out and have a four loko night. Its funny that people go to restaurants to test them for yelp or their blogs. You're not even getting paid for this! I enjoy eating at popeye's just as much as I do eating chicken at blue ribbon. I'm not at popeye's with an abacus trying to figure out whether popeye's is penny for penny the better chicken. I mean, I'll compromise.... bring the camera, leave the abacus... It's a lot like backpack rap fans in the 90s. I know I compared the food scene in general to streetwear a few months back, but some of these more militant foodies are def like bootcamp click fans lol.

BCC is the shit. I still listen to Hurricane Starang on the regular. But every one knew that one militant white kid in school, who's parents were hippies, and he ended up in fatigues listenin to OGC tellin people Shawty Lo funds Terrorism. Full disclosure, at one point I tried to convince my Social Studies teacher to do a week on Dead Prez cause shit is "bigger than hip hop", but come on son....just bounce, bounce, bounce! 


  1. agreed/lol @ popeye's with an abacus

  2. I still think KFC has the better cole slaw.. lol

  3. Yea the "foodies" are annoying. They're also the reason Bourdain is a millionaire, and why mediocre restaurants get hype and publicity.

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