Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It feels good... I felt we turned a corner at the restaurant 3 weeks ago with the new menu. Glad people like Sarah get it. She caught a lot of the environment and staff. VV always keeps it a lil grimey and 3rd world so they know whats really good.

I definitely figured out at Dericious what I want to be cooking in the near future.

Big family, small house... no room/ they like oh god/ why he go so hard/ look what he's been through/ he deserves an applause

Wildin at Karaoke Boho. We are the World edition. Even white people got invited. Tyler Kord from No. 7 hit the floor and shut it down. Fire.


  1. did a search for "fresh off the boat" on google to find this blog and you are friggin' #4 on the list. that's amazing.

    anyway, congrads on the review; reading it made me think of that place Hip Hop Chow near St. Mark's, did you ever get a chance to eat there? They went heavy on the soul food tip, but added some orientalisms. place shut down after a year or so, which was too bad. place was kinda corny decor. I think it's a japanese place now, 3 or 4 restaurants later.

    you should hook up with the old chef from HHC, Eric Kwan.

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