Monday, October 4, 2010

Brooklyneer... I'm so appalled

If you haven't read it, check out Sumathi Reddy's article in the WSJ about the Brooklyneer. She gave me a call last week to see what I thought about this shit show. When she asked me about the spot, I figured most people would have seen through importing the Brooklyn Food Scene across the bridge. But, judging from the comments, manhattanites have officially lost they minds.

"That's kind of genius. It's like the Eataly of Brooklyn," - Mr. Dommu

Hey Mr. Dommu, one small distinction. The N-train doesn't go to ITALY but it does go to Atlantic Ave. TAKE IT.

Katherine Solomon, a Murray Hill resident, agrees. "I'd like to be able to sample Brooklyn without having to leave the borough," she said. 

Should people in Murray Hill even be allowed to speak after work? I don't think so. 

A lot of people hate on Brooklyn food cause its been getting a lot of shine. But why? When that fool from Vogue said there was a BK bias, I thought to myself. He's just like the white kid in high school who hated affirmative action. "Oh my God, I'm 3rd generation alumni at Yale and Tyrone got in cause he's crispy!" (based on a true story) No mother fucker, YOU'RE CRISPY. You got urs, now BK gettin theirs, shut the fuck up Steingartten.

What's so wrong about another borough's food scene coming of age and giving Mchattan a run for its money? If you don't like it, you shouldn't have supported all those Max Brenners, Virgin Megastores, and Petcos that displaced every one. People took it to BK because that's where there from, that's where they want to rep, or that's where they could. I preferred to open in BK but there wasn't a good fit. There aren't as many 400 or 500 sq ft shops with foot traffic and the potential for ventilation.

The idea of canonizing BK food is insulting. It's kind of just begun and any attempt at defining it is condescending and stereotypical. CAN IT LIVE? Let it breathe.

Yes, the scene has been on the come up for a while, but there's still plenty to do. People want to dead the BK food scene like it's all hipster food before it even matures and that's what bothers me. Do I laugh at some guy in a vintage vest, lumberjack and red wing boots selling rustic Italian food in the hood? Yes. Is Asia Dog just a Criff Dog with really high SAT scores? Yes, but what's wrong with edumacation? Is it hilarious that people are trying to turn Clinton Hill into the summer love child of Seattle and Charleston? Yes, but my favorite "farmer" in BK?

Farmer in the Deli: "We don't make sandwiches, we build them." BAWSE.

There's a lot more to food in BK than flea markets, faux farmers, and bake sales. The places in the neighborhood I always hit: Yemen Cafe, Hua Long (illest chinese wings on fulton st.), Cake Man Raven, Pequena (lot of people hate, but they have dope quesadillas i'm not even playin), Pies n Thighs, Olea, No. 7. Come on now. 11217... Stand Up.

I went from the favorite 
To the most hated 
Would you rather be underpaid or overrated? 
More victories is for minor league cultures 


  1. 11217 says: THANK YOU.

    We're not your outer boro fetish, folks.

  2. Brooklyner is retarded. Well, at least the douches who go there won't ever set foot in my fine borough.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I live in Murray Hill. You're a prick.

  5. You need a ghetto translator to understand anything this guy is saying. BAWSE?

  6. what about Brooklyn Diner on 57th Street, hahahahahahahaha.

  7. Picking on murray hill, huh? You're a real tough guy, eddie. Aren't you from like orlando or something? Yeah, I though so.

  8. What the hell does this even mean: "Oh my God, I'm 3rd generation alumni at Yale and Tyrone got in cause he's crispy!" (based on a true story) No mother fucker, YOU'RE CRISPY. You got urs, now BK gettin theirs, shut the fuck up Steingartten.

    You'd need a Redneck/ Ebonics/English-as-a-second language translation guide to understand anything this guy is saying.

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  10. Had to google this douche to figure out who he was, turns out he's the epitome of poser...

    Seriously, do a Google Image search for Eddie Huang, and then search for the terrible NY Times review of his restaurant.

    King of Posers. Why would anyone care what he thinks?

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