Monday, October 25, 2010

Southern Foodways Pt. 2... warning: stupidity ahead

Yall remember Robby from post 1... aka the dude I prepped with for about 10 hours. Yea... its a problem. If you haven't been to Southern Foodways, you gotta go. You can feel real smart in the morning listening to symposiums, you can feel real good eating food, then you can feel real stupid at night eating chicken on a stick at 3am bombed out of ur gourd. For chicken, being on a stick is the shit. Its like being on a boat for humans. STUNT.

I blame Kat Kinsman for all this. She gave me Rye that I made a John Daly (1/2 rye 1/2 sweet tea) with and obliterated myself.

Someone else wrote that...

Chicken on a stick... so nasty. But would I do it again? Yes. Kaitlyn, does chicken on a stick make it onto tasting table? haha.

Checkin out the pit that they roasted the cow heads in.

Jim n Nicks! These guys are the shit. Check em out in Alabama. They had one of the best things I ate all weekend. Tongue tacos on homemade tortillas with salsa verde, pickled vegetables, and other dope shit. Dan Latham was helping them out. He is the business.

Ready, set, GO haha. Me and @bigbadchef chopping shitake mushrooms. Was a lot of fun cooking in the Armory kitchen with dudes 20 years deep in the game like John. This chinaman's got a lot to learn...

Gulf shrimp in the tilt skillet. Mad fun cooking with this thing. We dropped 50lbs of shrimp and it was done in literally 6 minutes.


We didn't have a steamer, no problem. Resourceful Whiteboys, Inc. hooked up the tilt skillet with 4 coffee cups, a wire rack, and we stacked 300 baos in it.

Chillin with the prep team at City Grocery... the dude to my right was HILARIOUS. Part time rapper, full time daddy LOL. We served the zha jiang gulf shrimp bacon baos for brunch. We stay makin hit records...

BBB Bacon

And that's all she wrote... we out. Oxford, great place to visit.


  1. Thanks for the delish baos and my new collection of Lilliputian steamers. Come back next year!

  2. hey eddie,
    just wanna say thanks for enriching my life thru your insights into life, food, culture,4L,music,humor,etcetera,.You are an original.