Monday, October 25, 2010

Southern Foodways Weekend Pt. 1

First we went to Memphis and saw that God had a child with New York and this is what happened... Statue of Liberty Christ. Throw out your Jesus Pieces yall... this is that new unbelievable hot shit.

My new favorite writer, Francis Lam, got his "to wong foo" on in this photo... no homillz. Cookies, 2% milk, and ur favorite rapper's favorite civil rights leaders all at Makeda's Butter Cookies. ASAP we are going to put photos of Chinese/Taiwanese Leaders up at XY. Genghis Khan, Confucius, Wong Fei Hong, and William Hung. Only the best.

The girls at Payne's BBQ let me rock in the kitchen. Was fun playing with a mop full of bbq sauce.

Quiet... I'm eating a smoked sausage... pause... So, one thing to note about BBQ joints. Just cause it's a good bbq joint doesn't mean ERRYTHING is gonna be good. Ask the people eating, ask the cooks, not all cuts are created equal. For instance, at Payne's steer clear of the ribs, go smoked sausage, chopped pork, and baked beans. Judge the joint on what they do well or don't judge at all...

mmMMMmmm ... probably best fried chicken i've ever had. For real... I can't think of any better besides Bonchon and the first time I had blue ribbon. And that new hot shit i'm dropping at brunch BONG. @stax199 red wings and four stroke... its a movment

Family meal

And then there was Oxford, MS... Just a heads up, we ate fried chicken ERRYDAY of the trip so be ready. This is BIG BAD BREAKFAST owned by John Currence. As one of the locals said, "Boi, its FIYAH". Burger with bacon bits, biscuits with 3 gravies and sunny side up eggs, coca cola brined fried chicken with grits. Boy, you been goin through my rhyme book like Fat Joe? Haha. All the cool kids are cookin' with cola.

Oh and the homie Kirk told me BBB used to be a tanning salon so they kept the shower and put charcuterie in it... I like.

Before this cow died it whispered to me, "eat more chikin..." - chik fil a cow

This was an ill recipe. The JimnNick's crew put the cow heads in burlap sacks and cooked them for 18 hours underground, then pulled the meat and put it in tortillas. 

Eddie!!!!!! "John, I swear, I'm not high. You can trust me on the mandoline."

Whippin work... hallelujah

Dropped catfish all over myself... but i do have a cool naughty band on lol @kashiasage

So they scheduled me for execution... ami two fwo

And then we went to Taylor... Mississippi... great place to visit

P.S. Hyun comin hard with the photos 

Like Elevators... if u don't move yo feet, then I don't eat, so we like neck to neck...

Robby "Grasshopper" Melvin... I'll make a chinaman out of you boy! haha. Robby CRUSHED it on the wok. Worked with him all weekend. This dude can cook. Salt Fine Catering in Birmingham, AL. If you don't know, now you know.

Western Chinese Catfish Fry... I marinated Catfish in egg whites and spices. We stir fried it with chilis, szechuan peppercorns, cumin seeds, garlic, salt, and fresh cilantro to top. Take that, take that, take that.

We cheffin...

I love Senor Edge! The dude that brought me to Mississippi. Thanks homie. Pt. 2 later tonight includes gas station pimpin, chicken on a stick, and lots of other tomfoolery.


  1. Dude.. ya gotta come to Nashville for the Hot Chickin'


  3. Loved the spicy catfish at Taylor's, Eddie, but I think the pre-brunch waitin'-in-line app on Sunday was even better! Glad you could make it to Oxford.

  4. Only one complaint -- Jim n Nick's didn't do the cow heads. Restaurant Iris and Las Tortugas from Memphis did. Get back down this way and we'll make sure you get to check them out.

  5. Dude, don't put up any Confucius shit at your businesses. That guy sucked some serious balls and was a 100% Establishment nigga. If he lived today, he'd be some Chinese Communisty Party flack, or another Republican't

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