Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adidas Chinese New Year

So, this may be confusing.

Adidas Dinner the 23rd is fully booked... stop textin me, yall birds know who you eeeeiiiisss. BUT if you didn't get seats for the 23rd, we got 8 to 12 left for the 24th. If that isn't your flow, then we STILL got somethin for that ass. Adidas Chinese New Year Party the night of the 23rd. Open Ciroc Bar from 10 to 11pm.

All your favorite downtown NY hosts in the house: Max Koshkerman, Simonez Wolf, and of course James Cruickhlasufoiajslkdghsaljfank. Catch me by the COCONUT CIROC! CIROC BOY IS IN THE BUILDING


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