Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Fux Wit Lana Del Rey

Yo, just on some real quick shit I want to say this Lana Del Rey hate is bullshit. I fux with Juliette Lewis, but come on, you like 13 years older than this girl. And Eliza Dushku?

"Who.....is.....this wack-a-doodle chick performing on #SNL..? Whaaaa?" - Dushku

When your best work was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back you kinda don't have anything to stand on. The nicest thing I can say about Dushku is "Nice Tits" and shouts to being Albanian. I fux with Action Bronson.

This is how I see the whole Lana Del Rey thing. She's ILL. 20 Million people wouldn't be watching her videos if it sucked. The people hating are the ones that don't like her style, Brian Williams-types calling her a hipster, and every one that likes to see artists eat shit, catch herpes, and get shelved multiple times before ever having an album go gold. Look, some people got to play the NIT, D-League, and then pray to make training camp. I get that a lot of you had to pay dues. IT'S CAUSE YOU'RE A NO TALENT ASS-CLOWN. If you are talented like this chick, you get SNL before you have a record out. We're all seeing Lana a bit early, but we know that. We know she hasn't been doing bullshit gigs at Mercury Lounge since the late 90s. Her rise is meteoric and we're going to see her growing pains on front st but its because so many people fux with her NOT because she's not good enough. Every one trying to bury this girl on one performance is jealous or some tired chick with nice tits.

I'm telling you. When shawty's album drops this week, it's over. I guarantee you all eat your words. We out, happy chinese new year BLAP BLAP BLAP

And for the record, people that still use the word "hipsters" are ass backwards. That movement is over. We already kicked the shit out of those fools and took their clothes. This opening ceremony shit looks good on the kid. BLAP BLAP BLAP.

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  1. I think people are piling on because of her SNL performance but the backlash started with her pulling her original album to reinvent her persona as Lana Del Ray. She's got a good sound.
    Couple things, I was hooked when you said you'd still fuck Lil' Kim. And I want to go fishing with your mom. She's great, I'm thinking she starts a charter boat, sign me up. Also, can you move to Tumblr?