Monday, October 5, 2009

Wong Wong Says......

Hello! This is Wongwong, the resident food critic at Pop Kitschen! I love food just about as much as I love money (see above photo) and have tasted and reviewed the dishes from this week... Below is the verdict!

Chinese Jamaican Ropa Vieja

Delicious and Robust, this take on Ropa Vieja was great paired with white rice! The soaked raisins gave this dish a special sparkle, and I was definitely got seconds!
8 of 10

Oxtail Pho

The oxtail pho was very much to my taste. It didn't taste like a typical Pho soup, but the noodles were light, broth flavorful, and oxtails were very tender! Also didn't have the MSG hangover afterwards
7 of 10 stars

Jamaican Pepperpot w/ Beef Neck Bone

I was excited to try this dish b/c it smelled good, but it had a slightly bitter aftertaste that I didn't like. I am also not a fan of coconut so it was kind of a turn off for me.
3 of 10 stars

Mango Ting Cobbler
I'm a HUGE fan of desserts and MANGOES, so I was pumped to eat this, and it did not dissapoint! It was not overly sweet and was fragrant and tasty! The only negative was the crust was a bit dry/sandy b/c it was not saturated in butter, but I'd much prefer that over an enlarged gut LOL
7.5 of 10 stars

Big Bang Beef Ribs
Super flavorful with sweet and salty notes, these ribs were amazing and my fav dish of the week! The meat fell right off the bone and it had a very full flavor!
8.5 of 10 stars

Cheeto Fried Chicken
Hmmm... The *cough* FAT CHEF didn't share ANY OF THIS with me and ate it all himself. NOT COOL!
0 of 10 stars

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  1. ning definitely didn't make that paper pimpin you out ed!