Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Erryday Shit

I'm sure you've been bored of all the pairings posts of late for those not coming to CNY, BUT, I have not forgotten you. Here are some things you can do on your own. Some hood pairings fo dat ass.

1) Boone's Farm & Stinky Tofu - Ohhhhhhh weee, what goes better with fermented stank tofu than Boone's farm. The smell of foot that accompanies Taiwan's national dish goes great with any flavor of Boone's but I especially like Watermelon and Strawberry Daiquiri cause its some classy shit. Although Boone's Farm was shunned by I standby it as a wine fit for the finest bums.

2) MD 20/20 & a Plastic Pool - this is one of my favorite recipes. One day, when me and my homie ryan were real bored. We invited over some girls and filled a plastic pool with mad dog. Only costs us $50 and we literally swam in mad dog.

3) Brooklyn Wine w/ Shanghai Steamed Fish - I made a shanghai steamed fish for my friend doug aka canal st tyler florence and he ate it with this:

4) Moutai & Dumplings - Late night in Beijing, I lived on this shit

5) Miller High Life & White People - I love hanging with white people and miller high life. always a good time LOL

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