Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sake Suggestions for CNY

So, I could get real fancy and suggest a sake with each course, but knowing a few of our regulars, they're going to end up doing the above with their sake anyway :).

With that in mind, I'd say grab two bottles of sake that go fairly well with the whole menu. Our CNY menu has range, but not to the extent of like yuzu oysters one course and sa gwo fish head casserole the next. I'm going to recommend a few sakes that I think would be fine throughout the course of the dinner.

The dumplings, lion's head, bread pudding are more mellow dishes (yin foods) and these sakes would go well:

Yuki No Bosha Junmai Ginjo - One of the best sakes I've had. Crisp but complex and still light. Very rare. September Wines has it. I think that is what I like about sake over wine, it feels much more clean but if you find the right one, equally complex.

Dake Mild & Creamy - This one is a nigori, unfiltered sake but lighter than most. It would be great with the bread pudding and would also do well with dumplings because it handles pepper well.

Namazake - This is a unpastuerized/draft sake. Anyone that drinks with me knows I love draft sake. Its my favorite style. Had my first draft sake at Kasadela in the village. Draft sake doesn't mean it comes out of a keg. It is unpasteurized and has a very fresh flavor. It is usually hard to find draft sake and usually I just buy whatever draft/namazake is available and it's never been bad. Sakaya on 9th st has a good selection.

"Yang" dishes: Tofu bricks, 3 cups fish bao, fried rice & chicken

Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo
- This brand is usually not to hard to find in the city. I would recommend a rich Junmai Daiginjo with the "yang" dishes. They are hotter, have oil, and are heavier.

Bijofu Junmai - I also like Junmai with no added alcohol. They are a little more rustic and heavier. This is a run of the mill variety that's a good introduction.

For the shawties

Chikurin Sparkling - if your girlfriend likes "sparkley" things, buy her this but under no circumstances drink it yourself. J/k. I like this one if no one is watching.

FYI, I've only been drinking sake and keeping track for like 6 years. Before, I would just get real hammered and drink it like Boone's Farm. I think this is a good list, but if it sucks, please, let a brotha know.

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