Monday, March 8, 2010

Baos Got Bodied

My favorite catering order yet was for Jenny 8 Lee's Oscar Party! This was her twit pic of the trays after people destroyed the baos haha. Really cool people. I read Jenny's book Fortune Cookie Chronicles every day on the train from brooklyn when I lived in Ft. Greene and commuted to the restaurant. I finished it right before I moved back to the city. Really dope book that shows the human cost to cheap food and also breaks down a lot of the myths about Chinese food. My favorite part is that as an ABC, you read the book and relate to Jenny's jokes about parents, non-native chinese food eaters, etc. Fob recognize Fob. Def give it a read.


  1. have you seen the presentation jenny did? it was pretty good

  2. i am watching now! its awesome!