Monday, March 8, 2010

Where U Been?

My bad I haven't been blogging this week. I'm still down with OPP but since that Times article shit's done changed! No time to get crunk anymore. We hired two new people Ceasar and Joy. We're still hiring, but its been tough adjusting to the new volume we get. I'd say that the last two weeks felt like a whole new restaurant opening. Our operation is entirely different than it was before. We have 3 on the line, prep around the clock, new ordering system, and we are going to do a renovation of the kitchen in a couple weeks. There's no way we can pump out food at the rate we need to with the space we have currently so bear with us yall and thanks for the support!

Now for the bad news..... this is the last week we will have beef noodle soup. After this week, its off the menu. I'll have a batch by late afternoon tomorrow, but its 86'd after that. Really sorry yall but we just don't have the room on the line for the soup and noodles with the increased volume. It sux but hopefully we can figure out a way to get it back.....

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