Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Employee of the Month

At Baohaus, we like to think the people are better than the food. Our service sucks, but every one is kinda like James Franco in Pineapple Express. We are totally incapable of anything useful, but we're very fun to be around. Kate embodies this ideal. When we posted a craigslist ad titled: "Baohaus Hiring People Who Listen to Ghostface" she responded with this:


I am writing in response to your Craigslist ad posted on February 4th. My name is Kate and I'm a recent art history graduate from NYU. I also have a degree in Shaolin shadow-boxing aka I can go back and forth on the Wu and Killa Cam in his best years (IMO the pink-fur wearing image I saw on your blog ~ the time of Purple Haze). I live nearby on the LES and although I don't have experience in food service, I do love food in a very genuine, this tastes good and I like it way. I think Baohaus looks delicious. Pork is always great, and I'm stoked to see some Niman Ranch meat on the menu. I'm a good, honest, responsible and respectful person to work with and I can be pretty fun, too.


I interviewed her and said, "Shawty, if you don't rob me and try not to eat too much pork fat during your shift, we'll get along fine." And we have. Kate, you are the mother fucking employee of the month. So Ms. Employee of the Month, you don't win anything, but I did buy you a spinach salad a few days ago so are we all square?


  1. for the record, kate is the girl in the foreground of above photo

  2. Was Kate working the last day you guys did Chinese New Year (the Tuesday)? If so, she is definitely a great employee worthy of this recognition.

    If not, that night's white girl was a great employee and I'm sure Kate is dope too.

  3. i wish my bosses' were fly as you are.
    i will swing by your joint very soon. :D cannot...wait...

  4. LOL.... spinach salads are worth gold!

    I'm reading ur feature on New York Mag! congrats... have to come try those Baos when I come back in a few weeks!

  5. I just read this after reading another "expose" on R. Choi. You're friggin' hilarious, the other guy, not so much.

    can't wait til I hit NYC next time for some gua baos!

  6. i came in the first time a few weeks ago, me and my boy just sitting at the table waiting for our baos. Kate cleared some plates and asked if we'd been in before. when we said no her response was "Awesome! You are in for a treeeeeeat" with a sort of childlike enthusiasm/giddiness.
    it was refreshing

  7. I haven't met her, but from the letter above, I like her already LOL

  8. uh oh, someone didn't get employee of the month!!!
    Mr. DONG HUANG, you better recognize!
    hahahaha!! :)