Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lucky Rice Night Market this Friday!

This is what we're bringing to Lucky Rice Night Market this week! Lu Roh Fan (minced pork on rice), Stinky Tofu, and Taiwan Fried Chicken, all of which will be at XY. In addition, we'll have the chairman bao and bao fries. Plus... for the OG blog readers, I'll bring a few cheetoh fried chicken patties since every one has asked about those. Cheetoh fried chicken is going public Shhhhhhhh! I'm only gonna bring 10 to 20 portions so HOLLA. There will not be a sign out for it. 

The chicken is going to be served sans-fried rice, but that's a photo of it from CNY.

This is what the stinky tofu will be like but we're gonna do radish/carrot pao tsai instead of cabbage.

And there you have it, cheetoh fried chicken MmmMMMmmmm


  1. I'm also from Taiwan, Tai-Chung and looking at all this food makes me want to eat my computer screen.