Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lucky Rice Night Market

Thanks Taiwan Toursism for being so gracious with the sign and writing baohaus off to the side in 8 point font LOL. What kind of Taiwanese manners are these? Its all good, tourism council was really nice. Next time, they should just show a brother some love for bringing free food, staff, and cooking everything. I mean, shit, I lost 5 lbs for this event, I went down to a b-cup, that's not what's poppin.

Please, please, no photos, I just bagged up a bird and I got powder on my shiiieeetttt.

Real nice venue under the archway, great weather, really one of the most fun food events I've ever been too. Danielle, Cindy, Barbara, and all the lucky rice people were organized, and we got everything we needed. If you are a restaurant, def work with them if you get a chance!

Uncle Jesse cookin' up a storm!

This was my favorite dish we did. I woke up early, chopped up the top layer of pork belly and then ground the bottom half. The top half of pork belly is AWESOME, great texture, snappy, and when braised, so soft. Then, the meatier part is good for sausage ground. This was for our Lu Roh Fan i.e. Taiwanese Pork Belly Gravy on Rice.

photo from metromix

Oh yea... taiwanese fried chicken

Oh whats good girl, can you get away? BRRRRR (bird call)

Cat gettin her shine on.

The fam was in attendance holdin' down BK. My bad I forgot to take photos of stinky tofu, if you got some put em up! My favorite part was definitely puttin out stinky tofu open air under the bridge. WHAT IT DO?

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  1. Eddie just sat through your demonstration at the FCI. Good stuff i hope youll make me some deep fried pork chop when we come by your new restaurant.