Monday, May 3, 2010

Highlights from Talk & Taste!

Talk & Taste was a lot of fun! Nice meeting some other people cookin' dope food too. The big guy in the kitchen makin a cameo is Zak from Fatty Crab/Cue. I went to Cue' recently, really dope bbq. I would stick to the bbq, but definitely the best bbq I've had in a LONG time. Worth the trip and wait. Met another member of the Huang Clan, Ching-He Huang. Really, really nice, she's doin her thing over in London so hope to make it out there sometime.

EFRE - Everyone's Favorite Round Eye aka Sarah Arden was also in the house assisting with the demo.

I was real happy that Remy sponsored the demo. So I made TJ a KTV Delight - green tea, remy, chinese sausage BONG lol

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