Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hainan Chicken and Mo!

Here is the Hainan Chicken we'll be serving at Xiao Ye. Its one of my favorite dishes all time, really tough to make too. The timing on the chicken has to be perfect and then there's the ice bath that's a pain in the ass! haha. The dish comes with chicken rice (rice made in chicken stock), minced ginger, green onion oil, and chili sauce we make ourselves.

This was the chicken in the ice bath. I used a free range bo bo chicken so it comes with feet and all.

Here is the Spicy Bang Bang Chicken Noodles. It is hand-pulled free range chicken, chili salsa, and noodles tossed in green onion infused oil. I love cold noodles, especially in summer. The chili salsa is made of pureed kim chi and a bunch of other little things. I think it utilizes kim chi in a way other people aren't right now and its pretty cool.

Usually, you get bang bang chicken and it has all sesame paste. I have my own mixture and its accented by peanut butter and chicken stock. The noodles also come with sliced cucumbers and hand pulled chicken.

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  1. i am so excited about the hainan chicken! especially the chicken rice made in chicken stock, which is legit.