Friday, May 7, 2010

A Full Day of Pork

I woke up and saw a lot of pork belly and sausage in my fridge, so what's a brother to do? I started off with Breakfast Salad: romaine, red sausage, taiwanese relish vinegarette (i give up spelling that shit and its my original recipe so i can spell it how i want), and a sunny side up egg. Fuck you pulino's breakfast pizza lol. naw, i'm playin, i like pulino's. lives up to hype in my book. not gonna get into whether its THE BEST, but who the fuck cares, its dope. ketih mcnally got the white bird game on lock. he needs to teach them how to walk in their big ass shoes, but they still look good hobbling around like pigeons. i fux wit you and ur bitches, pulino's.

Ahhhhh I love it. Salt Cured Pork Belly. Cured, cooked twice, sliced, and served with seasoning salt.

as it will be served at xiao ye

OH, and a giant bowl of Triple Lindy Rice. This rice is special. Triple cooked (sauteed, steamed, then rice cooker) with red sausage, cured pork belly, and flavas. Entirely different texture than other rices. It has the consistency of fried rice, WITHOUT the greasiness. You taste the flavors and get the ill texture you like. I should have been enjoying this with my roor but fucking evan broke it. BUMSHIT.

And lastly, a bonus. The most professional jump-off you will ever see on this blog, Matt Baer Bidness cards designed by Ning. This is BIG motherfucking Business haha.


  1. Haha Triple Lindy Rice -- that dish can't get no respect!

  2. LOL...... gotta love back to school

  3. will the triple lindy be on the menu as well?

  4. yea man, its on the menu. we are workin on names for everything right now lol