Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lucky Rice Cocktail Party

This event was crunk. As crunk as crunk could be with the ill after-work-blazer-wearing crowd. They dropped "Paid in Full" and some other decent tracks so that was good and surprising. Unfortunately, they forgot to play a few appropriate joints like "My Drank and My Two-Step" and "The Humpty Dance" for the old heads. LOL. They love the humpty dance.

It was no Just Blaze @ Santos set, but come on, for a food fest, you aint gonna hear complaints from me! Plus, they had free bonchon! Bad news, mo fuckers were pushing old dudes and kicking geishas for a chicken wing cause approximately 30 wings came out every hour. But you know I threw them bows and got to the front so I could get busy! UGGGhhhhhhhhh

Our homies from WD-50 were there and had one of the best drinks of the night. As you will see though, I'm a sucker for coconut. I love coconut water and if I could trade my poland spring jugs for jugs of vitacoco I would. These guys had the Oishinho - sake, cachaca & coconut water. One of the more straight forward, simple, clean drinks of the night and I really liked that.

Evan got real excited finding the Daniel bar that had frozen 8-balls in martini glasses, but he wasn't sure if he needed to drink it in the bathroom or not. Ning loved this drink too.

This was B Flat - Kissui Vodka, sake, Plum Wine & Peach liqueur garnished with Yamamomo. This one was good even though the plum wine was a little sweet, again, more minimalist compared to the other drinks that tasted like herbal experiments. I'm not going to list any bad ones cause I'm sick of getting blog posts re-posted with headlines like "Baohaus Hates World Peace and Vitamins!" (cause honestly, i'm toe-up most of the time i write these things and its all a joke) But as a commentary on trends, I'm not into drinks that feel like you are tasting a confused spice racked with a liquor back. I know food nerds get orgasms reading descriptions of drinks with shit like cardamom, rhubarb, or chinese 5-spice, but its no fun when your drink resembles a recipe for chicken brine.

But back to your regularly scheduled programming.... By this time, we were double-fisting and 6 deep about 20 minutes into the event. Uncle Jesse looked a lil' hurt. As you can see, yours truly didn't get the memo and showed up in an oscar the grouch t-shirt. Ma bad yall!

Ning got twisted too and started making love to the En Japanese Brasserie - Warm Sake Strawberry Whipped Cream Dassai 50 w/ Strawberry Whipped Cream.

At this point, Uncle Jesse wandered off.... Do yo thang homie but I think shawty is taller than you LOL

I found mo dranks.

Cindy found us!

Spot Dessert Bar: Corn Cream (or, if you read the chingrish on the pamphlet "Corn Crema") with Tropical Fruit Salad & Condensed Milk Toast. This was AWESOME. I tried to go to Spot 3 weeks ago, but as I rolled up, the cops rolled on a guy and his girlfriend, pulled a 9 on the dude and shut down the block. Thanks guys....

I leave you with this, Happy Birthday Sparkz. It was my boy's birthday this week and an Elvis Short Person came through to the party. Best drink of the night at Lucky Rice Cocktail Party: Macao Trading Drunken Dragon's Milk: Green Tea Vodka, Coconut Puree, Thai Basil & Bitters. Was like a coconut milk tea with basil and drank.


  1. oh the guy and the girlfriend the cops rolled up on at Spot, i forgot to tell you that was me. i rampaged through and ate all their desserts. oops.

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