Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow and White Lightning Cannoli

The snow came just in time! I didn't like the morning snow cause it was wet and sleety, BUT, Matt from NBC's Feast came by, Anthony from Artisan Cannolis, and John from Sushi UO so we hung out, ate the "white lightning" cannolli (coming saturday!). John brought some ill chirashi. UO is officially my new go-to sushi spot. The uni flight is spottie ottie dopalicious. For real, it feels like the first time i bonged some headband. Mind blowing uni. He has Japanese, Maine, Maine in its own water, and California. Lot of fun. I got caught up on prep too so that was nice.

My favorite part of the job is cleaning skirt steak. Its a lot of fun pulling at the skirt and ripping off membrane. The motion is like hulk hogan tearing his shirt except I hold a giant piece of skirt steak in front of my chest haha. Quiet days to prep are really cool. I never complain about cooking, I love it and if you prep right, the night is easy on the line. But at the end of the day, cooking is simply a lot more fun when there aren't 20 pacing people waiting to get back to work with pork buns. haha.

The white lightning Cannoli is awesome. Anthony and I hang out a lot so we just put it together. You gotta try the rest of his stuff like PB&J, Smores, Mint/chocolate cannolis. The White Lightning is made with Pineapples Poached (thanks for the tip Lucy!) in Moutai (ya boy's favorite liquor besides henn-rock),vanilla bean and brown sugar that's mixed in Anthony's cheese. And the shell is hand dipped in dark callebaut chocolate.

I'm an idiot and didn't take my own photos, but I think Matt is gonna put some on tomorrow so check it out!

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