Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yelping.... fun?

Woke up early on day off today and was still thinking about dinner at Sushi UO so I wrote a yelp review. But, classic eddie.... i was incapable of writing something positive without saying something negative. So, after making fun of Sachiko's I had to review them too so people didn't get the wrong idea. Sachiko's is really a good place and I'm sure plenty of people disagree with me and like it better than Sushi UO. Man... being a responsible yelper is tough. THATS WHY YOU YELPERS WHO ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE SHOULD QUIT! But, it was fun to be on the "other side" reviewing restaurants. I can see why its fun to big-up a place you hope does well. I see it as "rooting" for the good guys and trying to bury the "bad guys". But, to be honest, I don't think anyone should be "buried". This business is tough enough. Then again (I'm schizophrenic now), it does feel weird not saying something when you've had a real bad experience. You don't want to go tell the owner of a restaurant if you don't know them, but you feel bad not saying something.... Like, when you're on the train and someone has a suspicious package in their hand and then pees on the door with it. You feel bad cause the guy needs to pee, but, at the cost of everyone having to smell his pee again?

All in all..... I will say this. It aint easy being a yelper, if you care to be a good one. Yelp got me twisted.... So many values to uphold.... so little time....damn it feels bad to be a yelper...This is such a catch-22

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  1. Yelp is a great idea. I stopped taking my time to post reviews (and even erased all my reviews) after getting tired of being in a community dominated by recent college grads who finally experienced gourmet food for the first time, but then deem themselves as gastronomic know-it-alls. They are similar to those who once traveled to Asia or had once dated an Asian, and those experiences inexplicably rendered them experts on Asia. It seems that Yelp is a stage where they can constantly name drop.

    I further stopped participating in Yelp when I see certain yelpers post reviews only to (1) add on to their review counts; (2) attempt to be the first to review a certain establishment; and (3) require readers to participate in their constant need to stroke their own egos. Their extreme Napoleonic display is quite distrubing.

    Some even posts as many photos of themselves as their reviews. What gives?