Monday, March 8, 2010

Umami is B.S.

Umami is bullshit. Everytime I see these new Kikkoman ads about umami, I laugh. Nothing was worse than that umami challenge on next iron chef either. I bet ajinomoto or kikkoman bank rolled that episode LOL. Look, Umami is freakin' MSG! Yes, MSG and "Umami" occur naturally, but umami is basically an ad agency attempt at repackaging MSG to sell to you. If you don't like MSG, stop blabbering about umami. Its a marketing ploy.


  1. and that is why msg is awesome!

  2. I've been telling all my friends this since umami showed up on the scene a year or two ago and no one believes me!

    Most people don't realize that MSG is hidden in a lot of foods - it goes by the name of autolyzed yeast extract, which contains glutamate...the G in MSG. That's why Doritos are so effing tasty - tons of autolyzed yeast extract!

    BTW, I haven't been to Baohaus yet but I'm planning a visit before the month is over. Thanks for having a vegetarian version on the menu :)

  3. speak on it. ajinomoto and kikkoman are putting some serious money into it; very amusing.

  4. Dope! are you vegetarian Roopa? MSG to me is "cheating". Anyone can throw ajinomoto on a dish and give it a "beefy" taste. And you pay for it. It overpowers food, masks more delicate flavors, and really just makes everything taste like chinese food haha.

  5. when i asked my japanese friend what umami tastes like he laughed at me lolol jokes on us

  6. and the new salmonella recall? "hydrolized vegetable protein"? peep:

    hahahaha, dummies.

  7. I dunno if MSG= Umami, or Umami = MSG.
    MSG gives food an umami boost. I totally agree on your theory of MSG and it's uses, but your not comparing apples to apples.
    Umami is adjective that describes taste, something like savory....MSG helps sh!tty food TASTE savory.

  8. Bottom line. If umami can stand alone without saltiness, sweetness, sourness or bitterness then it is indeed a taste. If not, then it's a Japanese hoax.

    1. But it can't stand alone you literally just listed 4 of the 5 tastes and left out Savory.

      That's like if I suddenly said there's only 4 senses in the human body. Touch, smell, sound, and sight. That taste doesn't count as a sense, then immediately turned around and "discovered" a new sense, let's call it bulshite and then defined that sense as the ability to smell and defend it by saying if "Bulshite can stand alone without the other senses then it is indeed a sense."

      It's bullshit is what it is.