Monday, November 2, 2009

The "Show" Comes to BK

SO, the "show" (sorry, can't tell!) that I'm on came out to shoot some profile stuff and I've been shooting since Sunday night. We shot at the Laugh Lounge during the 8:30 show. 5am call time the next day, did a scene in front of Courthouse, Chinatown, Reed Space, PNC Radio, and my crib. LONG day, but it was fun.... until the sound dude molested me while adjusting my mic. NOT COOL

Just playin, he paid me so its all good. They had me cook some cool stuff too!

I did my "Far East Steamed Blue Crab". Here's what I did:

Live blue crab
Dust with white pepper and sea salt
put in bamboo steamer with green onions, ginger and steam for 15 minutes

Heat up peanut oil really hot right before you take the crab out of the steamer. Pour oil over crab, then drizzle with sesame oil and soy sauce. ENJOY. I reserve all rights to this Edwyn C. Huang original recipe!!!!!!! Its the SHIET!!

Also made my Chinese Veggies with Hot Medley

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Taiwanese Fried Chicken!!!!

Taiwanese fried chicken in the house!!!!!!!! Put it on some Red Sausage Fried White Rice for the little menu tasting we did yesterday with Giovanna. She made an awesome chicken and cabbage stir fry on brown rice. I think I might have lost weight yesterday for the first time since the 90s. Pretty dope.

So, you want the recipe???? Hmmm..... I thought a long time about this. My fried chicken recipe is off the hook. So I'll compromise. I won't give you the brine, but I'll give you the rub haha.

Brine the chicken. Then rub it with this:

White Pepper
Chinese Five Spice Powder
Little bit of sugar (that's the trick)
Cornstarch (NO FLOUR!!!)

Always remember, when cooking, even savory or sweet foods. Its not all salt or all sugar. Balance the flavors!!! Cooking is a two way street. You need carriers for the different flavors. And, don't "overcook" your recipes. This has nothing to do with the actual cooking, but the concepts. There's no need to have 20 herbs and spices or a brine, a rub, and a sauce and a colonel. Keep it simple. Its all in the execution and how the flavors combine, not how many you can throw in.