Friday, October 14, 2011

Blunted in the Walk-In

I woke up two weeks ago and thought to myself, why don’t the magazines or websites I read have restaurant reviews? And if they did, what would I want them to look like? Would Benzino want a review of No Pork on My Fork for the Source? #SantanaMoment #AlliterationHomie

So, I hit up Noah, Jack, and Ross at Complex. By 3pm today, you'll see our new column in Complex’s City Guide: Blunted in the Walk-In. I’m going to break a lot of the rules. It’s probably not possible to eat in the city anonymously at this point so that’s out the window. I will be quoting dining guests, and I’ll also ask other diners in the restaurant for their opinions. In essence, you'll hear the room.

It has a different purpose than other restaurant reviews. In fact, it’s not really a restaurant review. It’s more a recap of a night out. First, like all writing should, it will seek to entertain. Second, it will inform our generation. If you don’t get the references, that’s your problem. A lot of us grew up reading shit that referenced actors and movements that we have no connection to, so, it’s our turn. Third, it will give you a blueprint to navigate a night out at that particular restaurant. The goal of the column is to show people how best to enjoy a meal in that space. Going out is supposed to be fun. I think a lot of people go out on a quest to do their best impression of professional critics. They pick, diagnose, and at the end forget what they came for. I know what I came for: jokes, money, cash, hos. We have no idea where this exercise ends up. It could last 3 weeks or 3 years, but there’s no agenda and we’re gonna let it ride.

Stream of conscious raps, yes
Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Lil’ Wayne, T.S.
If you thought terror squad, then I’m sorry, God bless.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Andy Ricker Coming to 137 Rivington St

I told yall I was gonna find you some dope shit... A few weeks ago, Andy Ricker came in to eat and kick it at Baohaus on 14th st. I'd never met him before and he turned out to be one of the coolest dude's I've met in a minute. No bullshit, straight shooter, doesn't even like being called a chef. His food is authentic, true to its roots, and honest. There are a lot of shortcuts people can use when making Thai food, but Andy keeps it real and it shows in his food. Despite his best efforts, you probably know Andy for his wings aka Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings named after a Vietnamese guy that worked with him when he was a contractor and then a line cook. Dope story, he keeps it in the family.

Andy had been to 137 before so when I told him we were putting the property on the market, he told me he was looking for a spot that size to do a wing shack. I made him an offer, we shook hands, and within three weeks, all you gonna hear is bitches screamin' 2 Pok. If Faith had twins, she probably have 2 Poks, get it? 2... Poks...

NOTE: Name of restaurant is not 2 Pok, just a nickname/joke

I'm glad we were able to put something with integrity at 137 Rivington. The spot means a lot to us. Numerous customers brought me chronic on the last night sad that they lost their favorite munchies spot. I told you I'd hold you down and I did. We gonna be seeing a lot of blunt wraps and chicken bones on Rivington St soon. Put it in the air yall...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

BAOHAUS in the DMV Playlist

Find it HERE on Spotify

It jumps off with a Black Uhuru track Jesse Serwer passed me last year. It has cuts off the new Mayer Hawthorne, Rick Ross, Wale, and my favorite NY singles floating around like Peso by ASAP Rocky and French Montana. Rounded it out with 45 minutes of old school from tribe, de la, gang starr, snoop, and of course there's a dipset block... Play it loud.