Thursday, December 8, 2011


#6 - Do The Right Thing - This blew the roof off African-America, hip hop, street fashion, and sneakers for every one outside NY. If you grew up in NY, you already know, but for a kid in Orlando who's only connection were Puerto Ricans who moved South or Jews that relocated and a subscription to The Source, Do the Right Thing was it... There are so many memorable scenes: love/hate, brothers on the wall, bird fan smudgin' buggin' out's Jordan's, Rosie Perez's intro, WLOVE, johnny pumps, etc. The Martin-Malcolm dilemma that's played out through the film is super ill and a question for the ages. It's something there's no answer to but the discourse is the purpose. I'm a sucker for films that capture neighborhoods, an era, and a people, Spike done did it with this one. Live from Bed-Stuy...

#5 - Rear Window - Like DRT, Rear Window captures a neighborhood. But, no one moves a camera quite like Hitchcock. Besides maybe Citizen Kane or Breathless, I think Rear Window has the most interesting framing and movement to the camera. I'm no expert so I'm sure there's better or more obscure, but I just like this movie. The thing that gets me with Hitchcock films is how well he integrates and consistently applies themes throughout the film. Whether it's doppelgangers in Strangers on a Train or "gaze" in Rear Window, it's dope. Truth be told, watching Rear Window and then reading feminist criticisms of it are pretty dope. The idea of "gaze" in the film is really cool because you think about it, what better set-up to explore social hierarchy than to see a neighborhood in the context of apartments through Jimmy Stewart's window. Classic white man in cat bird seat steez. It's interesting on a lot of levels.

#4 Good Will Hunting - It'll make more sense when the book comes out, but growing up a reluctant "gifted" kid who was bussed to schools and then caught 2 assaults... This was my movie. It was always fun to walk around with my Mecca shit on, having people assume I was a dumb ass, and then son the shit out of them. The Howard Zinn shout-out is super ill too. For anyone that lived on one side, but understood another... this is your film. It's all about duality and finding happiness on your own terms regardless where you're from or where others want you to go...

#3 Royal Tennenbaums - Yo Wes Anderson has been shark bit to death, but this is my dude. I FUX WIT THIS SHIT. It might be the whitest thing I've ever liked, but in a way, it's the least white thing as well. It's mad honest about being dysfunctional and from the minority perspective, I think that's one of our biggest beefs with white people. We feel like we're always being judged for the way our families operate, but they're just as fucked up. That's why we all fuck with Kenny Powers too. He's real and white haha. Rachel Ray, Kelly Ripa, these other chicks are Stepford wives. We want to see the real, which is why I kinda didn't mind Martha so much after she did a bid. I mean, damn, she just trying to get her paper, I can't hate on that. I write about my boy, Warren, a lot and this was pretty much the first film we both agreed on.

From a filmmaking perspective, Wes Anderson, like Hitchcock is a master of creating themes, looks, mis-en-scene and then sticking to it. It's not half assed, it's not a ploy, it's not a gimmick, and actually supersedes every thing else in the film. The tone, the voice, the image, are all enhanced by the mis-en-scene and it's arguable that Anderson is the father of hipster fashion, culture, and voice... When I read about the Ronsons, I just imagine them as the Tennenbaums. I think they might have even done a spread framed as the Tennenbaums. Anderson deals with childhood/family themes in a lot of his movies and I'm a stuck in the past type too. I like red sauce italian, chinese restaurants with lazy susans, and the mcrib. What can I say? I don't want to grow up.

#2 Annie Hall - I'm a huge fan of Manhattan, but Annie Hall is it for me. Manhattan is a better looking film visually, it captures the city, but Annie Hall has these insights into the human condition that fucking kill you! Woody breaks shit down and explains things you think about in fucking circles. After it all, you're left with an "egg" joke that pretty much explains every thing you need to know about women and men. As a neurotic Asian who went to a Yeshiva and loves Brooklyn, I had no choice but to love this film.

P.S. Pay attention to the jump-cuts. Woody likes French films and you can see the Godard influence... Thanks Dr. Boles

#1 - There is no name to this film. If someone says the "Greatest Film Ever Made" you know, what it is. If this isn't #1 on your list, we can't be friends. It's that simple. Greatest film ever made and it's not even up for debate. I watch this easily 3 times a year. Especially when negotiating deals haha. It's Sun Tzu for the West.

If you got a top 5, put it in the comments!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Top 5 Dead or Alive...

I get asked a lot, "Right now, don't think about it, top 5 restaurants". Problem is I already done thought about it cuz. I'm always ready with the favorites. Music, movies, sneakers, and food, I got chu. I already did my favorite rappers so I'ma do the food, sneakers, and movies at some point. Here, I got you 25 of them food joints cause I couldn't keep it to 5. I hate lists where it's titled the "Best". These aren't necessarily the "best" but in my book they are MY personal favorites and I ranked them for fun. The only criteria I used is "like" how much do I like dinner there. It really shouldn't ever be more complicated than that...

1) Peter Lugers

Unstoppable. I grew up in steakhouses and besides Chinese food, this is what I know. You can't beat these cats. Anyone who brings up another steakhouse needs to be taken out your phone b. People bring up Striphouse or god forbid, Del Frisco's. Those restaurants use wet aged steak that comes out of a bag dun. Look, Willy-b is extra soft in the middle, but you can't stunt on Luger's. It's what they need more of in Williamsburgh. Un-ironic, real grown man, B.I. AHHHH, rare, dry aged, broiled at the highest heat possible, laid to rest for 10 minutes, and then sliced for two. Stop fuckin' around, Luger's is the champ.

2) Szechuan Gourmet

That's striped bass with miso chili. Go to the one in flushing. 39th st is passable but the one in flushing is the megatron don. Ma Po Tofu, cumin lamb, chili intestine casserole, cold plate, water braised beef with nappa, water braised fish with nappa, oooohhhh they gettin' paper! My Pops loves Szechuan food more than me. I'm more into Shanghainese, Taiwanese, and Cantonese food cause I like balance, but this place is so on point it's #2 even though it's not my favorite style.

3) Imperial Palace

This is my favorite Cantonese restaurant all time. Best dish in all 5 boroughs, steamed crab over sticky rice. They DO NOT PLAY here. Lamb with red onion and shallots is good too as are all the Cantonese classics: beijing pork chops, pan fried noodles with seafood, shrimp with walnuts and mayo, etc. The chefs love Oriental Garden and it's good, precise, well executed, but there's much more of a soul to Imperial Palace. Same high quality ingredients and more warmth to the food. It's like the Frankies restaurants, there are more expensive, probably more precise, Italian restaurants, but nothing that transports you home with the quality that they do.

4) Nanxian Xiao Long Bao

My favorite place for a Shanghai-Taiwan style breakfast. Soy milk, crullers, radish pastry, beef in pancakes, soup dumplings. It is my favorite style of food and Nanxian is the best place to get it. Grew up on this stuff and if I got a last meal would have to be soy milk, cruller, beef pancake with soup dumplings.

5) John's on 12th St

My boy Kenzo and I have a real problem with John's. We try to eat two vegan/vegetarian meals a day so we go to Angelica's a lot. But mother fucking John's is right next door! We see that carbonara in the window and it makes us want to shoot ourselves for eating vegetarian chili with vegan corn bread. I mean, Angelica's is prob my favorite vegetarian restaurant but come on... John's is classic red sauce in the East Village. I'd go as far to say it's a poor man's Rao's but I don't own a table at Rao's and only got to eat at the Vegas location so it's John's for me and I got no complaints. Just no matter what, by no means, ever, ever, ever try to take a shit in their bathroom. It is nearly impossible.

6) Kuruma Zushi

I sat at the sushi bar with this dude and had the best sushi experience of my life. Do the Chef Omakase and he'll just cut fish until you tell him to stop. They fly fish in from Japan twice a week, perhaps even more and it shows. There are breeds and species of yellowtail that you just can't get here. The kanpachi, jack fish, golden eye snapper, and yellowtail toro are beyond anything you've ever tasted. True story, first big paycheck I ever got from working as an attorney, I brought my girl at the time here for lunch after coppin' a pair of Barker Black's (shoot me it was '06, the shits were aiite then) around the corner. The omakase for 2 people with a bottle of sake ended up $420... it wasn't even 2pm. Even then, I gladly paid and returned the shoes. Come on, $420 for the sushi of your life? I'd do it again if I could get paid from another law firm.

7) Bar Boulud

Ohhh shit! Peep my Damian Sansonetti trading card! Not only is Damian the Head Chef at Bar Boulud, but they got Mike Madrigale who is one of the best Sommeliers in the city. He is the guy every restaurant needs. Someone who's genuinely happy to be there on his feet 10 hours a day, never gets sick talking about food, and fucking cares. Telepan said something to me today that I fully agree with. No matter what industry it is, you need a team and every one needs to care/buy-in. You look people in the eye and sometimes there's just nothing, they're dead. But then there are the guys that are alive. Even if that guy doesn't have experience, Telepan was like "I can make a cook out of him." and he's totally fucking right.

Lately, Mike's been at Sud, but Damian, the Dipset Goonie Server, Michelle, and the other Sommeliers are on top of it. You got Damian in the kitchen killing it with the best charcuterie in NY, great specials all the time, and a petit fours that never fails. I hardly ever get dessert, but at Bar, I do champagne, charcuterie board, Damien's pasta special, a protein, and petit fours. Anyone who's been to Bar Boulud with me knows... it's not just food, it's HBO.

8) Frankie's 17 Spuntino

Frankie's is special to me. When we first opened Baohaus, one of my first post-shift meals was at Frankie's with my brother Evan and my girl at the time, Ning. We were tired as shit and I still remember my order. Cavatelli with red sauce, meatballs on the side, broccoli rabe, and house red. I don't like cavatelli with the sausage, I just want it plain with red sauce. Every culture has that thing. Whether it's minced pork on rice, rice and beans, or cavatelli with red sauce, you just want it plain and simple. Frankie's has the best cavatelli I've ever had, it's homey, perfect lighting, and great people. You talk to Italian people like Madrigale and they'll tell you, "This place is just like eating at my Grandma's with one country rib in the red sauce type shit." Restaurants like this that capture an era, a culture, and family are a treasure... I've never really met these guys but would love to. They are doing great things and deserve all the accolades they get.

9) Baohaus

Look, it's cheesy to put your own shit on a list, but I'm not a liar. Baohaus is my 9th favorite place to eat in the city and if I didn't eat here 7 days a week, it'd probably be higher up. My order is always a bowl of minced pork on rice with a fried chicken patty on top, and two small pieces of chairman pork belly and haus beef on the side with no bao. Baos are cool, but I prefer braised meats on rice. I think the fried items like birdhaus, oyster, tofu, and broccoli are actually best in the bao cause you get textural contrast. Braised meat in baos is soft on soft.

Come to think of it, maybe I should put a "manager's meal" option on the menu so people can eat it this way too haha. I mean, when you're at home with your family, you get a bowl of rice and throw a bunch of shit on it. It's how we eat Chinese food.

10) Shopsin's

Kenny and Zack put on the best show in the business. People talk about "watching the masters" at chef's tables or open kitchens in 4 star restaurants but I don't want to watch a bunch of bozos with top hats wander around with elevator music on in the back practicing the art of how to complicate cooking in an effort to justify the price tag. I've never had fun eating at a 3 or 4 star restaurant besides Kuruma Zuahi, but every single time I go to Shopsin's I have a good time. It's probably the most NY restaurant you could go to. The food is on point: sliders, ABC, mac 'n cheese pancakes, nutella milkshake, etc. It's one of those restaurants that you can take anyone to and they'll love it. White, black, yellow, purple, I've never brought anyone to Shopsin's that didn't enjoy it.

Kenny will hate me for putting them in this post because he actually doesn't want customers, but he deserves all the praise he gets. He's fucking hilarious, Zack keeps the food consistent, and Luke is my favorite waiter in the biz. It's really a special place and even if you get thrown out, it's a story to tell.

11) SriPraPhai

Worth the trip to Woodside. Right now, it's the best homestyle Thai food in NY. Get the kao soy, fried whole snapper w/ sweet chili, green mango salad, larb, green curry, honestly, every thing is fucking good there.

12) Yemen Cafe

There's only one thing to get here and it's the yaneez. The owner roasts whole lamb all day long with a special blend of Arabic spices. You don't get to pick what cut, but there isn't a bad one in the house. Some like the chops, but I prefer neck and shank. I love the cardamom dessert tea jump-off at the end too.

13) Great NY Noodletown

Eddie Huang, "Tales from Canal Street" from Eater NY on Vimeo.

Come on, you already know... oyster and sausage casserole, wonton noodle soup with roast duck, fried squid jump-off, steve likes the beef and egg joint. Steve also walks around town with glasses, a blue tooth, an abacus, and a side kick. Dude is all retro, all the time.


POW, there is absolutely no question this is the best fried chicken you'll ever have. There's a lot of good fried chicken in the city, but this is my spot. I've converted half the hood with Bonchon and they won't admit it publicly, but the Koreans GOT EM! The skin is crispy like on peking duck, it separates from the meat ever so slightly, the sweet soy garlic glaze is perfect and the hot is really hot after two drumsticks, but you need both. One's the fastball, one's the change up. SO fucking good with soju. And please, don't even bring up the Korean fried chicken at that Momofuku fried chicken dinner. It's for yuppies who've never been to Bonchon and have no concept of the standard... like my twinkie cousins. LOL. The DMV style is dope though, I fux with that.

15) Katz

Pastrami, climax, done...

16) Harlem Cake Man

I get the three flavor slice: coconut, pineapple cream, red velvet. they known for red velvet, but true story all of us that lived in the neighborhood and ate there every day fux with the pineapple cream cheese. They'll also make you custom cakes with any fruit you want. Like, I used to go to the Chinese grocery store, get funky canned fruit and they'll put it in a cake. RIP to the trap spot on S. Oxford that got shut down. What up Twinz? Keep Ft. Greene funky!

17) Russ and Daughters

Every one loves the lox, but I make my own super heeb. If you care enough about your shit, this is what you'll do. Go to R&D, get a lb of whitefish and salmon salad, 3 oz of wasabi infused flying fish roe, then take the F train up to the 20s, go to Ess-a Bagel, and make your own super heeb. Dirty secret... R&D got horrible bagels. Out of the lox, I like sable. They also got good gefilte fish.

18) Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Got this photo off a blog. Don't know if Nom Wah serves that titty buffet consistently, but every thing else I've had. Hands down best dim sum I've had in a long time. I used to always pass by going to the post office when I lived in Chinatown, but it was extra funky inside for years. Like, so gutter that no one in the hood under 60 was eating there. It was the joint for old heads who smelled like moth balls. But, they re-did the interior, kept the food the same, and it's back like cooked crack. Get the shrimp rice roll, shrimp dumpling, shu mai, xo turnip cake, chicken feet, damn, for real every thing is undefeated. The texture of the skins and dumpling wraps make the dishes, but the fillings are generous, fresh, and every thing is hot since it's made to order not sitting in carts.

Funny thing, it's become a critical darling of late and you see MAD white people in the joint. I actually do a lot of dinner dates in Chinatown cause you get privacy, there aren't as many industry heads, bloggers, etc. The waiters don't want to talk to you, no one looks you in the eye, every one leaves you alone and I like it. Tried to go to Nom Wah a week ago so I walked by the window and saw mad food writers I recognized so we had to bounce. Can we have a industry night so yall don't blow it up? I swear, once something is on an eater heat map you can't go for 90 days. Why does every one have to be at the same restaurants at the same time???

19) BCD tofu house

Eh, do it just like that! Kalbi cooked in the kitchen and seafood soondoobu. Best korean bbq in manhattan. I usually don't eat bbq, but i really like theirs and the soondoobu is very good too. For gam ja tang or kalbi tang, i'd rather go to kun jip. for haemul goojang, i need to find name of place in k-town that does it best. For the record, why the fuck do you want to cook the food at the table? They do it perfectly fine in the kitchen, your girl don't come out smelling like beef, and it frees your hands up to drink soju. I mean, dun, when have you ever liked a girl that smells like beef fat? It's gonna take a lot of CK One to fix that HAHAHAHA. Playin, if you wearing CK One these days, you might as well just shower in vanilla extract and throw on some gap.

20) Cotan

Chef here is great. Every day he's in the same spot doing his thing. When there aren't orders, he's there taking the blood lines out of the fish. Nothing pisses me off more than when I'm paying $5 a piece and get yellowtail or tuna with the blood line in it. I understand you're keeping food cost down, but it's just disrespect for the customer and product. Charge what you need to charge to do it fucking right. Cotan doesn't even charge much at all and you NEVER get a piece with tendon hanging or a blood line. Get the sushi deluxe, for $21 you get uni, toro, and kanpachi, you can't fucking beat it. The tuna dip is good too. Raw tuna tossed in soy, wasabi, served with a bowl of rice.

21) Sandy's Lechoneria

Mofongo and Rabo Guisado aka oxtail on rice, they got pickled hot sauce too. Fux wit it. Then, get 1/2 lb of pernil to take home. If you have time, hang out in the neighborhood. Lots of good Mexican food, other lechoneras, and Original Patsy's on 1st ave between 117 and 118th. I also adopted P.S. 112 so if you have kids in that school they gonna eat GOOD! I mean "well" haha.

22) 456 shanghai

I have to admit. For 6 months, this was the best soup dumpling in all 5 boroughs. Even over Nanxian, but ever since their NYT review, it's been slightly off. I'm sure they're back on track since I haven't been in about 2 months. It always takes a few to absorb the new business. The photo above is the cold plate which you MUST start with. I like it with the kau fu, beef tendon, wine chicken, jelly fish, and green veg. I don't know the american name for the veg but it's like a baby mustard green in Chinese. Other hits are xiao long bao, pork and pepper stir fry, 8 treasure sticky rice dessert, liang jing yi soup, beef in egg pancake. For stir fried small eels with leeks, Shanghai Cuisine still has the best version.

23) Arturo's

My favorite pizza joints are always in rotation. For a margherita slice, it's still Di Fara's. For Sicilian, I actually like Artichoke. But for sit-down, in the city, I fux with Arturo's. It has that coal oven flavor, but a lot of NY Coal oven slices are too soft in the middle and soggy at the point. My order at Arturo's is a white pie with clams and garlic on top... very underrated pizza in the city. It has a slight crisp to the crust and while it's thin, not too thin, and retains some snappiness. Pizza nerds don't rate Arturo's all that high, but I don't care. I'm not driving out to New Haven every time I want a clam pie. Go to Arturo's, hang out by the piano, watch the Mets game, you'll love it. You'll see my taste in Italian food is red-sauce, family restaurants, old school. I'm addicted to that style of service, food, and family. Can't beat that shit. When you go to restaurants, just have a good time yall. Don't pick the place apart...

24) Ganh Mi Oak

Ox bone soup, done. Don't order anything else. they also have some of the best kim chi in k-town. You have to season yourself so add the salt, white pepper, and scallions, but careful with salt. Add it, stir it, let it sit 20 seconds, then taste. Otherwise, all your salt sinks to the bottom and the last 1/3 of the soup is way too salty.

25) Ukrainian National Home Restaurant

True story, I actually eat at Veselka more cause it's convenient, I like the big glass windows, and late night, it's fun. Josh Ozersky also swears by the burger there. For classics though, the food is better at Ukrainian National Home. Get the potato pancakes, beef stroganoff, stuffed cabbage, beef goulash, i love this style of food. It's like Korean food for white people in the winter haha.

Bonus: Sammy's Roumanian for Passover with the Marks Family aka Hip Hop Moses aka Romey-Rome. Happy Passover O-Beezy!

Lastly, if you got a top 5 or 10, put it in the comments!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Helping Homeless in Central Florida

On Sunday, Nov 27th, 60 Minutes aired a follow up to their segment on homeless families in Central Florida (Watch it here) that they originally aired in March. This new piece profiled a few families who no longer could afford temporary housing in motels and were now living out of their cars. The statistics they cited were shocking.

> ⅓ of families without shelter in America are in Florida

> 16,000,000 kids in America are living in poverty, the most since 1962

> Almost 25% of kids in America are considered homeless. One out of four...

I had no idea the problem was this bad, especially not in Orlando where homelessness is not obvious or apparent by any means. There are homeless downtown but you don’t see families or kids, and it doesn’t seem like an epidemic. What myself and most people didn’t understand is that homelessness has many faces. Most children and families who fall into this demographic are normal hard working families who are in a tough spot, you won’t find them on the corner asking you for change, yet. Most of the parents are hard working and employed in some way but can’t seem to make enough money or get enough hours to feed their families.

What We're Doing
After the show, I told my family about what was happening and we decided to do something. On December 21st, we will be donating our restaurant, Cattleman’s Steakhouse, and hosting a free holiday dinner for over 400 Orange County Public School students from 8 different Southwest Orlando schools. We chose to focus on Southwest Orlando because that is where we grew up. Between the three brothers, we went to six of the eight schools in our area. My brother Eddie will be cooking dinner with Chef Van and the fam at Cattleman’s while our friends, neighbors and volunteers from the community will be serving families, accepting donations, and providing entertainment.

For More Info Visit The Facebook Event Page
To Donate Visit Our Donation Website

We are working with the Orange County Public Schools McKinney Vento Program (about McKinney Vento)to identify students in need and invite them and their families to the dinner. We began reaching out to people on Wednesday and in just the first two days, we have received a tremendous amount of responses from people who want to help. Some great businesses have reached out to offer gift cards and free services but we are still in need of securing our food donations for the event (if someone knows the homies at Sysco or US Foods, tell em to get with it :D) as well as grocery gift cards for the families.

How To Help

If you can and want to help, the best way to do so is to donate funds so we can buy these families grocery gift cards. School administrators have told us food is the greatest need and our goal is to send each family off with at least $25 in grocery cards, which is very conservative. To donate, go to our site at , all proceeds will go to purchasing grocery cards to be given directly to the families on December 21st.

If you or someone you know is interested in putting together a similar event or simply looking for ways to help, feel free to hit me up. We are also looking for ways to grow this beyond one night, any and all ideas or suggestions are welcome. I can be reached at