Friday, January 6, 2012

For those without Cooking Channel!

For all yall without Cooking Channel, the show is up on youtube now. Peep it! My favorite segment is above. Here are the others:

Thanks to John T, John Jay, and all the restaurants that let me come tell Ike Turner jokes.

Monday, January 2, 2012


If you ever throw a 'tel-ly party, go Room 1011. Undefeated. Don't say I didn't tell you... Shouts to Steven Lau for all the photos. Peace to all the gods that threw down on the room and booze: Sparkz, Steve, Raf, Berto, Doug Life, and of course Phil "I Invited Every NY'er with Adobe Illustrator" Chang. Sorry to all the homies that didn't get in. Line was crazy out front for the room, but I told yall to come early and sneak through your choice of April Bloomfield Restos! FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS B.


Phil, why you showin me this card b? You know I only fux with that black and platinum shit. We gon get that crunchy jump all of his lump! Look how excited Dustin was to get up in Phil's wallet. I like the hunger kid, let's keep that goin in 2012!!! WILD GREMLINS WE HONGRY WIT A "O".

Andy was holdin' court on some storytellin' PDX Magellan shit. I see u cousin! Tell em why you mad son!

Every one's favorite, Kerin Rose, came through with the newest illest in Stark Industries. I SEEN IT LIKE A ZENITH, HER DRESS TO FUTURISTIC FOR YALL!

You know it wasn't a party without that hen-rock so I had to call the #1 HENNY REPRESENTER, Cat Ahn.

Every party Cat go to she bring two things: Henn Rock and SUe Kang. If I was a travel agent, I would put this poster up with the caption "Shawties exquisite... Korea, great place to visit."

Then we all waited for the ball to drop. Phil looked real scurred in the back surrounded by drunk people haha

Then all hell broke loose and ur boy went beast mode. Every thing got sprayed. MEGA PAUSE

Once the clock struck 12, Eric's girls all broke out in mustaches!

Zombies appeared.

Asians perpetuated stereotypes by lighting fireworks IN THE JOINT. (note to the hotel: I did not authorize this, but I did accidentally enjoy it very much.)

Someone drank my Moet! FYI, if you at a party and you see like 20 bottles of Andre and one bottle of moet, that shit is most likely not for you. It's not that good, but I'm just sayin... It's not andre.

Ekaterina AKLDJFSOIULAKJ brought all her fly friends from Kamchatka. LOVE U BOO.

Kenzo came with that combo #5 crispy 'LO Sweater game

Larry and the Pipitones

Nia and Samantha doin what they always do... STUNTIN IS A HABIT

"What am I gonna do Dougie? Go down to Margaritaville? Drink half a yard and fall off of barstools?"

The Jewish Delegation was in the house. Who Cam best friend? MY ATTORNEY!

Berto brought a bunch of dudes that still shop at Structure. HAHAHA

Quagmire found love.

And we out... Thanks to the Ace... sorry about the mess :)