Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Employee of the Month

At Baohaus, we like to think the people are better than the food. Our service sucks, but every one is kinda like James Franco in Pineapple Express. We are totally incapable of anything useful, but we're very fun to be around. Kate embodies this ideal. When we posted a craigslist ad titled: "Baohaus Hiring People Who Listen to Ghostface" she responded with this:


I am writing in response to your Craigslist ad posted on February 4th. My name is Kate and I'm a recent art history graduate from NYU. I also have a degree in Shaolin shadow-boxing aka I can go back and forth on the Wu and Killa Cam in his best years (IMO the pink-fur wearing image I saw on your blog ~ the time of Purple Haze). I live nearby on the LES and although I don't have experience in food service, I do love food in a very genuine, this tastes good and I like it way. I think Baohaus looks delicious. Pork is always great, and I'm stoked to see some Niman Ranch meat on the menu. I'm a good, honest, responsible and respectful person to work with and I can be pretty fun, too.


I interviewed her and said, "Shawty, if you don't rob me and try not to eat too much pork fat during your shift, we'll get along fine." And we have. Kate, you are the mother fucking employee of the month. So Ms. Employee of the Month, you don't win anything, but I did buy you a spinach salad a few days ago so are we all square?


I aint no twinkie, but I wanted to do baked goods. Errybody and their mamas does cupcakes. Plus, we're across the street from sugar sweet sunshine so not trying to shark bite. Soooo, Ning actually came up with the idea of doing twinkies! I came up with some ill fillings and worked with Christina Ha. She took this photo. Christina's been busy though so we're collabing with Victoria from Chinatown Cake Club! Gonna be dope so stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Biggie Day!

As Canibus said, "The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th." Thanks to every one who came out for Biggie day. Don't know if people noticed, but when the times came, I made sure to wear my BIG shirt that said "T-Bone Steak Cheese Eggs and Welch's Grape".

In my book, BIG is numero uno. Not even close. RIP big homie.... Not much else to say. Sad day every year but we tried to do somethin' nice for the kids today. If you missed it today, we'll do it again every year.

Food Network Viewing Party!

Come throwdown and learn how to make Baohaus Haus Baos @ Essex March 21st at 8:15 pm (will start promptly)! We will also screen Ultimate Recipe Showdown at 9pm along with drink specials, bao specials, other food specials, etc. Cheeky Sandwiches, Chinatown Cake Club and the chef from Sushi Uo will be in the house so come meet some of the peeps behind your favorite eats and the idiots behind baohaus!

And yes, titties will be out, we will get crunk, and iit will get real stupid!!!!!!!!!

To recap,

Bao demonstration (not a communist one, just a food one)
Drink and Bao Specials
Other food (like ben-yays from cheeky and other tbd)
Ultimate Recipe Showdown

What more can you ask for? RSVP HERE

Monday, March 8, 2010

Umami is B.S.

Umami is bullshit. Everytime I see these new Kikkoman ads about umami, I laugh. Nothing was worse than that umami challenge on next iron chef either. I bet ajinomoto or kikkoman bank rolled that episode LOL. Look, Umami is freakin' MSG! Yes, MSG and "Umami" occur naturally, but umami is basically an ad agency attempt at repackaging MSG to sell to you. If you don't like MSG, stop blabbering about umami. Its a marketing ploy.

Where U Been?

My bad I haven't been blogging this week. I'm still down with OPP but since that Times article shit's done changed! No time to get crunk anymore. We hired two new people Ceasar and Joy. We're still hiring, but its been tough adjusting to the new volume we get. I'd say that the last two weeks felt like a whole new restaurant opening. Our operation is entirely different than it was before. We have 3 on the line, prep around the clock, new ordering system, and we are going to do a renovation of the kitchen in a couple weeks. There's no way we can pump out food at the rate we need to with the space we have currently so bear with us yall and thanks for the support!

Now for the bad news..... this is the last week we will have beef noodle soup. After this week, its off the menu. I'll have a batch by late afternoon tomorrow, but its 86'd after that. Really sorry yall but we just don't have the room on the line for the soup and noodles with the increased volume. It sux but hopefully we can figure out a way to get it back.....

Baos Got Bodied

My favorite catering order yet was for Jenny 8 Lee's Oscar Party! This was her twit pic of the trays after people destroyed the baos haha. Really cool people. I read Jenny's book Fortune Cookie Chronicles every day on the train from brooklyn when I lived in Ft. Greene and commuted to the restaurant. I finished it right before I moved back to the city. Really dope book that shows the human cost to cheap food and also breaks down a lot of the myths about Chinese food. My favorite part is that as an ABC, you read the book and relate to Jenny's jokes about parents, non-native chinese food eaters, etc. Fob recognize Fob. Def give it a read.

Fuck what ya heard who's da best in NY?

I'm the Frank White of the Bun Game. We got that raw. Thanks for the support yall. Another championship banner for the island.....

for the article!