Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lebron is doin' his job.

I read this article on yahoo by Adrian Wojwhatever. It's quite possibly the worst article I've read in a while. Are people even watching these games? He tries to make the claim that Dwayne Wade is asserting himself as the alpha dog, reclaiming his role as leader of the team, and relegating Lebron James to sidekick. This is just nasty journalism. Where was this talk last series when Bron carried the Heat past a much tougher defensive team in the Bulls?

Wade was ice cold against the Bulls, but no one was writing articles about Wade being Robin or Bron taking over. James was gracious the whole time in interviews as well saying every one know Wade was struggling, but that they just wanted him to keep shooting. In Game 3 of the Finals, Bosh hits the game winner, but who got the assist? BRON. It was a nasty behind the back out of a double team dime that sealed the game. People are also making a big stink about Wade barking at Bron when he passed the ball to Chalmers. I can understand wanting Lebron to go the basket, but the house always wins if you play the percentages. Chalmers was shooting 66% from 3-point range in the game and 42% for the series! There's nothing wrong with dishing to him if he's open.

I will say this, yes, Lebron could force the issue a little bit more and he needs to stop taking flat footed 3's. But, for the most part, he's making the right plays. It takes restraint, discipline, and high basketball IQ to give the ball up like Lebron does. In a post-Jordan generation that saw garbage one-on-one players like Vince Carter/Antoine Walker, and-1 mixtapes, and teams using too many isolations, we should celebrate someone like Lebron. I mean, do you really want to see offenses like Latrell Sprewell and Allen Houston on opposite sides of the court just taking turns w/ Camby waiting for rebounds? I mean, that shit was dope, but it's bad basketball. Sprewell couldn't even go left! Dirk is going hammer and he's getting buckets, but why are they losing? Because the Heat turned them into a one-on-one isolation team. If they stuck to their guns, moved the ball, brought Terry off more screens, slipped Jason Kidd out for more 3's, well, they'd have a chance. Kidd is shooting over 40% from 3 for the series, keep feeding him and open up the paint for Dirk.

We are way too focused in our analysis of basketball on scoring. Why do you think Dwayne Wade is going nuts in this serious after looking like he was a step slow the last series? Bron is drawing the tougher defender, Shawn Marion and opening up scoring lanes. Ditto for Bosh, he's pulling out big men and then Wade gets the most favorable matchups. Dwayne is getting to go against a 38 year old Jason Kidd, Jason "Kermit" Terry, and Deshawn Stevenson who is like the love child of Ruben Patterson and Matt Barnes, the faux Kobe stoppers. The Heat have 2 superstars and 1 drag queen because it allows them to play the match ups. The team was constructed this way. Whoever has the match-up closes out the game, that's just good basketball. They're trying to win games here not create the best storyline for half-assed, semi-professional, journalists from yahoo sports. So, do the public a favor and cover the damn game. Stop trying to create false story lines and break up a good squad.

FYI, Lebron is shooting 51% for the series against Dallas, 43.75% from 3, 6 assists per game, and opponents have scored a total of TWO baskets on him in the 4th quarter of 3 games. As Hov said, "What more can I say?"

Lots of Cheffery

Been one hell of a week. Gabe and LTO have been great; thanks to every one who's come out so far. Lots of characters coming in for dinner so far and it's been a lot of fun. Prince Language and Elliot shut it down Friday night. Shit show approved.

Those are oyster po baos that are the first dish.

Ice box duck wings. I like these a lot. My mom used to make them and we'd eat these things instead of buffalo wings watching football. All sorts of fucked up.

One of the most popular courses, FOB Roasted Chicken. We brine the chicken over night, roast it for 35 minutes, finish in the salamander, and send it out with hot infused oil over the top. Rice is salt fish and chinese broccoli fried rice.

Cold Sesame Liang Pi

Corn, leeks, and smoked pork belly all stir fried together... it's summer

Mantou Bread Pudding... I never get away from this dessert. I don't like baking but I like making this. SO I do... everytime haha. Just an FYI, the dinner also comes with DMV Crabs, gator tail, and cumin/orange peel beef skewers.

In other news, Mobb Deep likes Baohaus lemonade... the end.