Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Drank

Pat drinkin a Milk Sky Walker .... alcoholic milk tea w/ homemade soy milk!

MMmmm, drankin the Not Guilty - OJ, Soy Milk, and Vodka... tastes like a creamsicle, rides dirty like OJ haha

Photos from Molly Yeh!

Check out Molly's Blog! She's cool.... even though she's only half-chinese. As I told her... nobody's perfect haha. Her blog always cracks me up. Really interesting approach to writing. She's like the Lil Wayne of food bloggers with her stream of consciousness steez. u will rike.

Concubine Cucumbers above

Poontang Potstickers

Tofu Bricks

Hainan Chicken and Chicken Rice

Taiwan Most Famous Pork on Rice

Golden Taste Balls


Party, party, party, lets all get wasted .... and eat Taiwanese food. THIS Sunday, i.e. later today. Starting at 6pm we will be open to the public. No reservations, first come first served. 6 Course Tasting Menu, $45/person.

1) Concubine Cucumbers - haus pickled cucumbers
2) Poontang Potstickers or Tofu Bricks
3) Choice of Lotus Leaf Fried Rice (vegetarian) or Taiwan Most Famous Pork on Rice
4) Steamed Cabbage with haus lardo and scallions (veggie option available w/o lardo)
5) Homemade Taiwanese Bacon or Hainan Chicken and Rice or Tarofongo (veggie option)
6) Fried Sweet Potato Balls


Thanks to all the friends and fam that came to support this weekend! Dinners were crazy and after hours got really stupid haha. One shawty tried to jump over the bar and steal a bottle of henn. Shit got crunk in the walk-in. BOdiEs, bodies, bodies on the floor.

Above is the Taiwanese potstickers and pickled cucumbers (I stole this photo from @jenny8lee). The potstickers in Taiwan, you serve em upside down to show off. If you suck, you serve em right side up and hide the fact that you burnt your dumplings LOL. We also do them open ended like on the Island. Cucumbers we pickle in house. People bugged over them.

Lot of friends came to support but I got no photos!!! If you got photos of the opening nights, hit me! But Hyun got a few, here is Tobias from Four Stroke Jeans stuffing his face across from Maxwell of Public School. We all go out to dinner every Thursday so this was dinner for the week!

Mo photos from @jenny8lee , this is the fried tofu dish we served! Fresh tofu made daily and fried to order.

A lot of dudes were checking out these "stools". Pretty dope right? lol @mikeyfresh1 WAT AAP!

 I spent half the night talkin to Serita and Elena Bergeron bout Chris Paul, Bout it Bout it, Paid in Full, Killa Season and Black Spring Break.

Cat and Sue, before Sue tried to steal all our henrock haha