Friday, September 3, 2010


Yo they dont call me Eddie Huang, Esq. for nuttin... Mobi Munch tried to play da boy like he saccharin... hov already told u, this aint a problem for me

The work was over 10lbs? Naw, u gotta lose weight b. Child support on line 2? Couldn't be you... Trademark beef? Let the law offices of Yu, Dead, Huang hold you down. 

As you can see below, ya boy handled this matter from APT 1. Ground mo-fuckin floor. I did this shit with ratatouille and his homies outside lickin cans of four loko on the curb. 

"Oh four loko, u can wear the dipset chain, u taste better than rat poison."  - Ratatouille 

I stole the internet to file this shit b. But look what happened? You got Diane J. Mason at Suite 208 and yall still late... U shouldn't have stopped at Starbucks before work boo. Wash ur stankin ass, eat ur wheaties, and file the mark. That's how Esquires do... LOL

Don't worry yall.... rockin the lime green nba draft jump-off and being an upstanding member of society was an old hobby. This is more like it circa passover @ sammy's 2010

Obama and schmaltz.... wuts really good... fuck a desk job