Friday, July 8, 2011


Damn son... why you do this to me? You know I just lost Drogo. How the fuck am I supposed to maintain? AI is in Turkey. C-Webb is doing color commentary. When is the real comin' back? I can't even write a coherent post right now, but once I gather myself and dry these tears, I will think of something. Shit, next week at Baohaus there will be a shrine to Drogo and Yao. BELEE DAT. I'ma put out some oranges and incense for the big homie.

I mean, no homillz but look at this man! He like the Chinese Optimus Prime. China, listen, I know you're all about this 1-child, 1-china thing, but you need to let Yao make multiple, multiple, multiple children. I'm talking Genghis Khan numbers. Fuck, give him Taiwan. Just let him take the shit over with baby Yaos. We can't agree on the territory anyway. Let's just make it Yao's baby farm. I'm all good with that. I will supply food to the country of Yao. Just let this man have like 30 wives and 3,000 children. Wait, he's gonna need more wives. Or the wives are just gonna need constructive surgery to be put back together like Jenna Jameson.

I'm no OB-GYN so I can't figure this out, but somehow someway, we need 3,000 baby Yaos. Make it happen China! If you can embalm Chairman Mao and put him on display, you can facilitate the creation of a country of Yaos. Keep him away from Robin Givens. She ruins everything. Thank you, that is all.