Friday, November 27, 2009

Hand Pulled Chicken Bao

This recipe took a while, but it was worth it. Boiled a whole chicken, hand pulled all the chicken off the bones, let it cool, then tossed it in some chili and green onion infused oil that has been marinating in my fridge for a couple days (intentionally! haha), then mixed it with a sweet sauce I made. Turned out awesome and will def be on the menu!

Dessert Bao

Decided to make a dessert bao yesterday. It'll be on the menu at the new restaurant. The photos would not take forever cause the glare from the buns was crazy after being fried. The photos look like shit but they were dope. Fried bao with sweet sesame filling. The black stuff oozing is the sesame. Also made it with sweet peanut which was real good too. The flavor and taste is there, just need to work on preseentation for the opening!

Sichuan Peppercorn and Salt Turkey

Yesterday, I did a Chinese style Turkey preparation. Seasoned the turkey with sea salt and white pepper like usual. Then, I toasted some spices (sichuan peppercorns, anise, dried chili pepper, garlic, salt, and white pepper) and put them in the cavity. I put the turkey in 400 Degrees oven for 30 minutes. It got nice and crisp real fast. I took it out, then poured hot chili oil on top of the turkey. I had also put a turkey neck into the oil just to give it extra flavor. Pouring the oil gave the turkey a nice crispy skin and then I covered the turkey and put it back in the oven at 320 degrees.

That's all she wrote. I took the drippings, mixed it with some milk and flour, gravy was off the hook. I still prefer the Hen-Rock turkey cause its sweet, savory, and more holiday tasting, but Ning really liked this Chinese turkey better. Definitely has better texture, straightforward flavor, you really taste the turkey and its got bite. Try it sometime!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Biscuit Stuffing Recipe

By request, here it is:

Get dried biscuits, crumble them all up

Take a giblet, sautee it in a lot of duck fat. Let it simmer on low for like 3 minutes, don't let the fat burn. (if you want a protein based stuffing and BALLIN out of control, get some duck leg and sautee it in the duck fat. Or, you could use country sausage. Don't use no italian sausage or anything like that. duck or country sausage.)

Remove giblet, add minced shallots, sage, crushed red pepper, minced carrots, and rosemary

Let simmer, then deglaze pan with hennessy.

Add agave nectar or brown sugar (or whatever sweetener you want). Hit it with a dash of soy sauce.

Add about a half cup of water.

Then put in the biscuits (i had like 8 crumbled up biscuits) crumble and stir, stuffing should be slightly moist and fluffy.